The sextech startup democratising access to sex therapy

An empowering new healthtech app called Blueheart has launched to democratise access to sex therapy and help people overcome sexual dysfunction to have healthy personal relationships.

The app is informed by the latest scientific research and created in partnership with therapist, Dr Katherine Hertlein. Blueheart will help couples and individuals understand and resolve sex-related issues through proven therapy techniques, whilst tearing down the financial, emotional and psychological barriers that put traditional therapy out of reach for many.

Blueheart supports people using a range of therapy techniques. Sessions are navigated digitally via audio and written materials designed by therapist, Dr Hertlein. They include: thought sessions, which focus on sexual fears and anxieties; body sessions, which centre around building a positive relationship with your body, both alone and with a partner; and connection sessions, which focus on how to communicate. 

The first programme available is designed for women experiencing low libido. Globally, it’s estimated that 20-30% of women globally struggle with low libido. However, the platform aims to cater to all sexual orientations and gender identities and a range of further sessions are set to go live in the coming months.

The app has already attracted £1m in funding and is on a mission to democratise sex therapy and change the status quo on how we think and speak about our sex lives. With mainstream dialogues around sex often unrealistic or stereotyped, Blueheart wants to refresh the conversation with honest, actionable and research-based support that empowers and educates rather than misleads or shames.

CEO and Co-founder of Blueheart, Sachin Raoul decided to set up the business after his own struggles finding the right support. He’s brought together a gender-balanced team of specialists to help bring Blueheart to life.

He commented: “Blueheart was created to challenge the way people think and talk about their sex lives. We want to eradicate the stigma associated with sexual dysfunction by providing an app which acts as a safe space for people to address the issues they are having, free from any bias or judgement.

"Today, much of the advice around sex is not necessarily the right advice. Often, support available online is overly focused on ‘wellness’, when a huge range of sexual issues can only be addressed via scientifically-backed support and therapy. This is where Blueheart comes in. We’re democratising access to confidential support designed by the world’s leading experts to help people regain control of their sex lives.”

Blueheart is currently available for free after the team saw a spike in demand for support during lockdown and periods of self-isolation.

In the future, Blueheart will offer a rolling subscription model. The app is available from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Startup Details

Startup Details



Blueheart is a fully automated therapy platform targeted at sexual dysfunction to strengthen and repair intimate connections. The startup is making sexual therapy affordable, accessible and guilt-free so that nobody will ever loses a loving relationship due to sexual issues or misconceptions.

  • Headquarters Regions
    London, UK
  • Founded Date
    Jul 24, 2019
  • Founders
    Robbie Coomber, Sachin Raoul
  • Operating Status
  • Number of Employees