Seven steps to coping right now

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt and dominate our lives, feelings of anxiety are completely normal during times of uncertainty and in some cases isolation. Everyone will be impacted in a different way and it is important to remember that you are not alone. Already there are so many stories emerging of human kindness and compassion and people pulling together to help and support each other.

You do not need to feel alone, and reaching out for support and guidance is an important part of being resilient through challenging times. There are many coping mechanisms that will help you to manage anxiety and stress so that you can look after your immune system and build resilience.

We will all be concerned about the health status of our loved ones, especially those who are vulnerable, and also for our own wellbeing. This is not just about health matters because we have all been affected in so many ways from financial insecurity, the inability to make longer terms plans, and feelings of isolation and claustrophobia

Here are seven steps that you can take right now that will immediately help you and others:

  1. Listen to the advice that is being given by your government. If you are vulnerable then self-isolate and if you are not in that category then respect the lives of others and do what is being asked of you. We are all in this together and we all need to take responsibility.
  2. Take care of your mind and body because self-care and self-compassion is essential for sustainable wellbeing. I will be sharing lots of tips around self-care and wellbeing in my future blogs
  3. Make time for relaxation and remind yourself that strong feelings will come and go.
  4. Share how you feel with others. We are very fortunate that we have ways to connect via technology so you can reach out to those who may be feeling isolated, lonely and frightened. Avoid the gossipmongers and doomgoblins because they will zap your valuable energy!
  5. Be tolerant and empathetic. Everyone in the world is being affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. Tempers will be high and emotions fraught, so cut people some slack and practise tolerance.
  6. Limit your exposure to the news and media coverage and seek out good news stories to create a healthy balance.
  7. Be positive, curious and hopeful. This time will pass and there will be a great deal that we can learn from it. Keep an open mind and fuel a kind heart.