SEON more accessible than ever following AWS launch

Online fraud prevention expert, SEON, has announced the launch of its full suite of fraud prevention solutions to customers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

The launch will give businesses greater than ever access to the company’s innovative fraud prevention platform.  

For the first time, SEON’s end-to-end fraud prevention solution is available on the AWS Marketplace, the world’s largest digital catalogue of software products and services. Thanks to the launch, the company’s solution is now more accessible, meaning SEON and AWS are powering businesses with the tools to detect and prevent potential fraud threats before they happen.

SEON’s advanced AI-based solution help companies radically improve their eCommerce risk assessment accuracy, reduce false declines, and block fraudsters before they act. Built around an intelligent scoring engine, SEON’s platform allows businesses to use automated, real-time data checks to instantly determine the likelihood of a user being fraudulent. 

To do this, the company’s platform leverages advanced data enrichment technology and can analyse over fifty data sources ranging from social media platforms to public databases to validate a person’s identity via one API call. Fraudsters create synthetic identities from leaked data, assembling it into convincing facsimiles of real customers. SEON’s technology detects synthetic identities and determines how much ‘friction’ to apply to each customer – whether a customer can pass straight through the payments process or whether they should be subject to additional checks.

Speaking on the new launch, Andrew Morris, Global Director, Channels and Alliances at SEON, commented: “SEON is committed to democratising the tools to fight against online fraud, and today’s launch on the AWS Marketplace reaffirms the steps we’re taking towards this goal. AWS Marketplace is the modern enterprise procurement platform and by joining it we’re giving customers easier access to our innovative solution.

“For the past six weeks, our internal teams have been working hard to go through the AWS Marketplace onboarding process, which has included internal sales and technical training. I’m pleased to report we’ve passed all these requirements and have now received full AWS certification. We expect the launch will help us expedite sales cycles, increase deal sizes, and improve win rates, while making our system more accessible than ever.”

SEON also comes with anti-money-laundering (AML) functionality, enabling fraud teams and Money Laundering Reporting Officer officers to collaborate in one space. By breaking down traditional data and team silos, modern risk teams gain greater efficiency without having to integrate several platforms together.

Since launching in 2017, the company’s powerful solution has served more than 5,000 customers across 30 countries, stopping more than $170 million worth of fraud in the process. Because of its multi-layered approach to online fraud prevention, SEON has become the go-to fraud prevention solution for ambitious fintech leaders, like Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, Patreon, Sorare, and mollie.

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SEON is an online fraud prevention platform that detects and stops fraud in real-time through transactional data analysis.

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