SEON Joins Prestigious AWS ISV Accelerate Program

SEON, an online fraud prevention company, announces its latest milestone: joining the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program.

By entering the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, SEON is reinforcing its commitment to providing businesses worldwide with access to its fraud prevention platform. The collaborative initiative will make SEON’s end-to-end solution easier to buy and find on the AWS Marketplace, ensure smoother integrations for AWS users, and facilitate easier deployment and management of SEON licenses through the platform.

This new collaboration broadens SEON's market presence, while aligning with the company’s long-term goal to enable businesses to combat online fraud effectively. Joining the AWS ISV Accelerate Program amplifies SEON's capabilities here. Moving forward, the company can leverage AWS' extensive global network to connect with AWS field sellers, enhance customer outcomes, and better meet critical security and compliance requirements.

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program is tailored for companies like SEON that offer software solutions integrated with or running on the AWS platform. To be selected, SEON had to fulfil the industry's strictest requirements and criteria, demonstrating not only a commendable track record in customer satisfaction and proven successes but also passing a thorough technical and security assessment of its solution.

This was no challenge for SEON's platform. Renowned for its AI-driven approach, the company’s platform offers real-time, automated data checks and advanced data enrichment technology to accurately assess e-commerce risks, reduce false declines, and pre-emptively block fraudsters. SEON’s solution also features anti-money-laundering (AML) functionality, enabling fraud teams and money laundering reporting officers to collaborate in one space.

Andrew Morris, Global Director – Channels and Alliances at SEON, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "Joining the AWS ISV Accelerate Program is a testament to our dedication to fighting online fraud. This collaboration with AWS not only extends our reach but also reinforces our commitment to providing accessible, advanced fraud prevention solutions to businesses across the globe."

This partnership with AWS is expected to further SEON's impact, driving sales, increasing deal sizes, and improving win rates, all while making its system more accessible than ever. In doing so, the company is looking to build on a momentous few years, which has seen it become go-to fraud prevention solution for ambitious fintech leaders, like Revolut, as well as 5,000 additional customers across 30 countries to prevent over $200 billion in fraud.