SemiQon and CMC Microsystems Partner to Boost Quantum Computing with Silicon Processors

SemiQon from Finland and CMC Microsystems in Canada have entered into a partnership to further the development of silicon-based quantum processor technology.

This agreement will see SemiQon providing CMC with prototype semiconductor-based quantum processor chips for exploratory research. Collaboratively, scientists from CMC will work alongside SemiQon to hasten the evolution of processors that are integral for the advent of more advanced quantum computers, heralding the "million-qubit era."

Quantum computing holds immense promise for addressing some of the most pressing challenges faced by humanity, ranging from the discovery of life-saving medications to achieving climate neutrality. Despite this potential, the broader adoption of quantum computing is hindered by the current limitations of quantum computational hardware. SemiQon is pioneering a novel quantum processor unit crafted from silicon—a semiconductor material, diverging from traditional methods that rely on atoms or superconducting materials. This innovation targets three primary hurdles impeding global quantum computing progress: scalability, cost, and environmental sustainability.

For four decades, CMC has been at the forefront of delivering innovative semiconductor technology to both researchers and the industry. Since 2020, CMC has expanded its offerings to include quantum services, aiming to democratise access to leading-edge quantum hardware and software technologies across various sectors within the Canadian quantum ecosystem. CMC's quantum division provides coding services, educational training across diverse platforms, and design and production services for microelectronics, MEMS, silicon photonics, and superconducting devices.

Both Finland and Canada are guided by national quantum strategies that share objectives to propel quantum computing forward and facilitate its benefits for organisations and companies globally.

For Janne Lehtinen at SemiQon, working with CMC was a perfect opportunity for growth. “CMC’s philosophy of providing simplified access to leading-edge quantum computing platforms and services aligns perfectly with our vision to realise the promise of quantum computing by delivering a scalable, resilient, and cost-effective quantum processor technology.” The two firms already have a foundation to build on, Lehtinen added. “CMC has already worked with our other partner, VTT, to fabricate superconducting devices. They have a proven track record in quantum expertise and the talent to drive quantum research and development forward.”

“SemiQon's technology can be a game changer for scaling up quantum computers using current CMOS technology and infrastructure” said Udson Mendes, Quantum Team Leader at CMC Microsystems. “Based on our extensive experience with silicon-based semiconductors and a variety of quantum platforms, I am confident that the CMC team will help advance SemiQon’s technology.”

Both SemiQon Technologies and CMC Microsystems commit to publicly disseminate the results obtained from this collaboration. “Our goal is to advance the entire quantum ecosystem worldwide.”