Robin AI Launches AI-Generated Legal Dictionary

Robin AI, the legal AI startup, has introduced The Legal Dictionary, a free tool available to anyone who needs access to high quality, common legal clauses for their commercial agreements. The Legal Dictionary was generated using a large language model (LLM), that has been fine-tuned with proprietary contract data, and then verified by Robin AI’s in-house team of legal experts.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the legal industry, automating repetitive tasks to save companies time and money, while also making legal services more accessible for everyone. Robin AI is at the forefront of bringing this technology innovation to the industry. Its AI copilot is already being used by legal teams to change the way they draft, review and query contracts.

Legal services can be expensive and out of reach for many people and small businesses. Robin AI created the Legal Dictionary to help address this and make it simpler for people to draft their own contracts or to understand contract clauses. The Legal Dictionary is a repository of over 300 clauses commonly found in UK and US contracts. Users simply search for the clause they need and copy it to use in their contract. They will also see a plain English explanation of the clause and well as the history behind it.

“AI has huge potential to democratise and unlock legal services for everyone,” said Richard Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Robin AI. “The Legal Dictionary is a really simple application of AI technology to create a valuable information source and we are very happy to make it available for everyone.”

The Legal Dictionary was created using Anthropic’s Claude LLM. Robin AI partnered with Anthropic because of a shared focus on safe and responsible AI. The output from the LLM was reviewed by Robin AI’s team of legal professionals to ensure quality and accuracy.

Robin AI also provides free access to its contract drafting tool so users can easily build their own contracts from standard templates or by taking clauses from the Legal Dictionary and pasting them directly into the tool.