Roberto Carlos to launch personal tokens at Most.Fan to be traded or exchanged for anything from a football game to a business breakfast with him

Most.Fan, a startup registered in Seychelles, launched Most.Fan, a celebrity tokens ecosystem for fans and celebrities. Roberto Carlos, the 2002 FIFA World Cup winner, is launching his celebrity tokens on Most.Fan, making it the first project to launch tokens from tier-1 idols available for purchase and exchange for fan activities with celebrities.

Fans will be able to exchange the celebrity’s tokens for activities such as a: business breakfast, video call, football match, short period of mentoring, or to retain in expectation of increasing its value. 

“Each day me and many of my friends get thousands of requests from fans and we simply don’t have the time to manage it. This project cut all the routine while bringing great value to me and my fans,” said Roberto Carlos.

Most.Fan aims to provide users with all kinds of services and interactions with their idols in one place. Its ecosystem consists of:

Launchpad, where celebrity tokens are issued before listing on the exchange at a fixed price

Exchange, where the price of celebrity tokens is determined by supply and demand

Marketplace, which offers real life meetings, merch, and exclusive content provided directly by stars

“Existing solutions for fan interactions, such as meet-and-greets, autograph signings, and other merchandise purchases, can be costly and limited in terms of audience reach. Blockchain-based projects provide a scalable, accessible, and secure alternative for engaging with fans. We want mass fan audiences to get easy and quick access to celebrities, without agents and lengthy negotiations, and professionals from various industries to expand their personal brand capitalisation, without revenue losses from contributions to social media platforms,” said CEO of Most.Fan David Atterman. 

According to Accenture Life Trends report 2023, people have discovered communities of belonging on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Twitch, and begun to experiment with tokenised experiences enabled through Web3 technologies to get access to content or community or to join an event.

Web3's increasing popularity, especially among crypto enthusiasts, contributed to development of social tokens projects. Here are the some of these projects:

  • TryRoll, providing infrastructure that allow digital communities to create and integrate social tokens
  • Chiliz, with its platform offering tokens to sports fans, so they could participate in polls and receive rewards from favourite teams
  • Blockasset, athlete-verified NFT and token ecosystem
  • Calaxy, web3 social media app

“Meanwhile, our business model is based on fan experience management at all stages, starting from the marketplace order to meeting the celebrity. Celebrities don't need to worry about how to issue specific merch or a fan meeting, all that will be done on the MostFan management side. For now, we are going to focus on expanding the range of utilities, such as online courses, fan meetings, unique gifts, NFTs, live sessions, and collaborations,” added Chief Product Officer of Most.Fan Aleksei Chasovnikov. 

In 2021 Most.Fan released the first version of the product, which at that time was called Sport Investing and was aimed at sports fans. In 2022 it pivoted, as the team saw the potential of implementing this business model across different industries and became Most.Fan. Later MostFan has partnered with Entourage Sport & Entertainment Agency.

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We are building a fan-engagement ecosystem and tokenise sportsmen, actors, singers, and bloggers to connect fans with their favourite celebrities.

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