Revyve debuts egg replacer ingredient for plant-based burgers

Revyve, a foodTech startup, has innovated a solution to eliminate animal-derived texturisers and additives from burgers while maintaining a meaty bite.

At IFT FIRST 2024, Revyve will introduce its egg-replacement ingredient, setting a new standard in food texture. This clean, and minimally processed alternative offers the sensory experience consumers desire and is poised to be the first of its kind available on a broad commercial scale.

Eggs: The Cornerstone of Food Texture

For generations, eggs have been essential in processed foods like meat and plant-based burgers, serving as texturisers and binders. However, with rising demand for sustainable and ethical food solutions, manufacturers have sought alternatives. Issues such as fluctuating prices, unstable supply, food safety concerns, and allergy risks have further reduced the appeal of eggs.

Replicating the performance of eggs without using stealth starches, emulsifiers, unfamiliar binders, and E-numbers is a significant challenge. Consumers are often reluctant to compromise on the unique texture and mouthfeel that eggs provide in burgers and other foods.

Flexitarians and environmentally conscious food enthusiasts refuse to settle for less in plant-based foods, particularly burgers. They demand products that not only replicate the traditional look and feel but also boast a short list of simple, easy-to-understand ingredients. Revyve’s new egg-replacement ingredient meets these expectations, offering a cleaner, more sustainable option without sacrificing quality.

Found: Creating a meaty bite with an animal-free solution

Revyve has developed texturising ingredients made from upcycled brewer’s yeast that create an enticing food experience. “The science-backed ingredients revyve has pioneered produce the sensory appeal that consumers want in burgers,” says Cedric Verstraeten, CEO of revyve.

“Revyve delivers the meatiness and juicy firmness that cater to consumer appetites. These nutritious, wholesome ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO. There’s more to come in Q3 2024 when we release our gluten-free, allergen-free ingredients.”

First came the chicken and the egg – and then came revyve

In establishing revyve, the company set its sights on shaping the innovation behind crave-worthy animal-free foods. “In the process, we discovered that we could introduce a natural and sustainable twist to mainstream products, which was a top priority for manufacturers,” continues Verstraeten. “We realised we could help consumers feel good about what they eat without compromising on the food experiences they know and love.”

The superpowers of yeast

“Yeast has been the star of the show in beer brewing, winemaking, and bread baking for millennia,” explains Edgar Suarez Garcia, PhD, revyve’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder. “At revyve, we have taken yeast functionality to the next level. Products manufactured with revyve single-ingredient yeast proteins take on true-to-form textures. Revyve offers exceptional heat-set gelling, binding and emulsification. Burgers retain water and oil at hot and cold temperatures; they brown and sizzle on the grill and hold their shape when flipped and sandwiched in a bun.” 

Suarez Garcia adds, “When burger producers ask how revyve performs, we explain that it behaves like egg whites. When cooked in a patty mixture, revyve becomes firm yet springy, forming a binding network around the other ingredients. Revyve’s secret lies in the unique combination of functional proteins and fibres created by our patented technology. Manufacturers appreciate that when paired with other ingredients, revyve can eliminate the need for methylcellulose, which has numerous functional and labelling downsides.”

Earth-friendly practices

“Sustainability is a way of life at revyve,” says Verstraeten. “So, it only makes sense that our proprietary production method steers clear of chemicals and harsh processing. Our clean-label products help manufacturers shorten their ingredient lists, using sources that consumers recognise. To make our ingredients, we repurpose brewer’s yeast, which is a beer making co-product.”

Revyve is price-competitive with eggs, which is why dozens of companies are working with revyve to redesign products and formulate new ones to target emerging trends. The revyve egg replacer is manufacturing-friendly, making it easy to use with standard processing equipment and complying with all international regulatory requirements.

Abundant revyve supply means that manufacturers can manage their production plans and their budgets.

“Last month, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited revyve during the Foodvalley NL delegation to the Wageningen Plus Ultra II incubator and business facility. Her Majesty was treated to a full behind-the-scenes tour, where she learned about revyve’s upcycled yeast-based ingredients and sampled several prototypes we prepared for her. Revyve was honored by Her Majesty’s “two royal thumbs up” for the hamburger she tasted and by her keen interest in the company,” concluded Verstraeten.