The Resource Race: 3 ways outsourcing can help you grow

Salesforce’s Global Digital Skills Index has revealed that 76% of respondents do not feel prepared for a world that prioritises tech savviness and a digital-first mindset. This, coupled with The Great Resignation, is causing significant problems for tech companies globally. Resourcing is a challenge that isn’t going away.

In fact, Amdaris’ own research found that 36% of tech and software developers are looking for new opportunities within the next year. That’s over a third of the workforce on the move, with almost half (48%) saying their roles are busier since the pandemic. Between the movement of people and many developers feeling stretched, there’s a resource race underway.

However, when you’re on a hiring mission, a ‘bums on seat’ mentality isn't a strategy you should pursue. Chucking more money at candidates won’t be a long term fix, and there’s more to hiring than getting technology-abled people in the door. Of course the candidates you hire need to understand the technology you use, but they also need soft skills and to fit in with your culture. Quantity hires can lead to some good results, but quality hires can move your organisation to the next level.

But what role does outsourcing play in helping to alleviate resourcing challenges and supporting company growth? This is where the three Rs come in:


The tech sector is full of new and exciting technology. However, it’s often the core, reliable expertise that’s truly needed to help organisations grow. Blockchain, AI, and 5G are brilliant new advancements in technology, but regardless of the amount of new platforms available, technologies like Ruby and PhP (among others) are still key systems despite falling into the ‘legacy’ category. The need for those trained on legacy systems is still as high as ever, but the industry is quickly losing the talent they need to work on them.

Partnering with an outsourcer that has an abundance of talent with these core technology skills is key to achieving consistent growth. You don’t have to spend months finding a Ruby developer when there’s a whole range of them available at an outsourcing company. A reliable source of talent is only a conversation away.


The world is seeing so much disruption. From the conflict in Ukraine, Brexit, climate change and the pandemic, being resilient has never been more important.

To truly be resilient, organisations need to move fast. People need to be onboarded (or pivoted) quickly, but many organisations don’t have the time to wait-out a candidate’s notice period. Partnering with an outsourcer means you have access to a whole host of talent you can ramp up or reduce as required. It can be the difference between surviving and thriving during a period of turbulence.

And, from a technology angle, with resiliency comes a need for developers who can quickly adapt to the challenge ahead of them. Having access to developers who are tech agnostic will be the difference between being agile and being left behind as competitors grow. 


Tech talent can be hard to come by, and then sometimes even harder to keep. Outsourcing shouldn’t be seen as a recruiter that sends candidates. Instead, it’s an opportunity for a team of experts to provide you with support for existing or future projects. 

Outsourcers can therefore plug the gaps as tech teams fluctuate, which either gives you time to hire internal people, or can be the start of a long term, fruitful relationship. In fact, outsourcers can even build your core team within days (sometimes 24 hours), rather than hiring over a matter of weeks or months.

Competing in the resource race isn’t going to get easier anytime soon, with The Great Resignation sending shockwaves through the tech industry. Giving your organisation the best chance to triumph over the competition could start with outsourcing.