Qualitative intelligence debuts predictive analytics with NEC tech

Consumer insights and personalisation platform Qualitative Intelligence (QI) has unveiled advanced new social sentiment analysis and brand risk management capabilities, powered by NEC’s Semantic Model Technology.

QI’s Voice of Customer AI SaaS solution, VoxQI, can now rapidly identify and analyse hundreds of multi-channel videos, images, and texts in minutes, empowering brands to accurately predict audience responses while minimising compliance and social risk.

The new features are crucial today, as brands and advertisers navigate increased scrutiny and heightened sensitivity to shifting customer expectations and social trends.

Brands invest billions of dollars into consumer insights, content testing, and customer intelligence to build equity and loyalty, and still get it wrong. With QI's AI-powered platform, companies can test content and messages in real time, analyse sentiment at scale, and accurately forecast risks faster and more cost effectively than resource intensive research methods like surveys and focus groups.

“Traditional testing and monitoring tools and methods are falling short, exposing even well-established brands to the risks of backlash from poorly received campaigns. The need for rapid and accurate social sentiment analysis is clear," says JD Rico, CEO of QI. "Our partnership with NEC X is focused on developing and optimising advanced AI and NLP technologies for sentiment analysis. This collaboration aims to provide brands with the tools to navigate online sentiment effectively, ensuring their reputation and creative integrity are protected. With QI, we're moving towards a future where brands can engage with their audiences confidently, backed by precise and insightful technology."

This is the latest development in an ongoing collaboration between NEC and QI, which graduated from NEC X’s Silicon Valley venture studio programme, Elev X! Ignite, in spring 2023. Elev X! provides access to NEC X’s comprehensive startup ecosystem and resources, including funding, hands-on support, and mentorship, advanced technology integrations, skill-development workshops, strategic collaborations, and more.

“QI is empowering brands and advertisers to be bold and creative, without risking their perception. In today's marketplace, where a single ad can shift public favour, this technology is indispensable,” said Shintaro Matsumoto, President and CEO, NEC X. “This collaboration showcases the powerful technological synergies we foster at NEC X. We’re proud to support QI and are excited to see them achieve new heights.”

VoxQI enables real-time message testing and risk assessment, allowing brands to create personalised and engaging communications while anticipating the audience’s response. The SaaS platform uses Voice of Customer AI to analyse anonymous data from past and current campaigns, customer reviews, real-time social trends, compliance, and brand voice to create digital clones of target customers. The digital clones are then used to test marketing concepts and optimise messaging, streamlining the process and significantly reducing the financial risks associated with marketing campaigns.

QI’s predictive analytics lead to faster time-to-market for campaigns, and significantly reduced testing and impact costs.

NEC’s Semantic Model Technology is a proprietary machine learning algorithm and part of its growing portfolio of cutting-edge AI technologies. For this integration, the Semantic Model Technology is being used to increase the efficiency of QI’s large language model, training the platform in real-time to identify critical information and trends in user-generated content.