Psyomics launches mental health assessment platform with two London GPs

Psyomics, the innovative UK-based healthtech company, has launched its mental health assessment platform Censeo with two London based GP practices, to gather real world data and feedback prior to commercial launch later this year. 

Built by psychiatrists, Censeo mirrors the rich process of a face-to-face psychiatric assessment, guiding a user through a series of adaptive questions. A detailed and bespoke analysis creates a ‘map’ of an individual’s mental health that supports healthcare professionals with effective diagnosis and treatment planning, to get patients to the right level of support first time.

The digital assessment provides patients with a stigma-free way to start addressing their mental health concerns, with confidence they are receiving a personalised, in-depth review of their needs. Built on twenty years of clinical research - including The Delta Trial and feedback from service user groups, GPs, and clinicians - Censeo has been developed to bring together the needs of both patients and healthcare practitioners, to make a positive impact across the whole healthcare system.

Cholmley Gardens and Parchmore GP clinics have begun to offer Censeo to patients, with both trials expected to last at least three months. Whilst all GP practices are under additional pressure due to COVID-19, both practices have remained keen to get the projects underway. As a rich digital tool that is simple to implement and easy for patients to use, Censeo is well suited to the current constraints of remote consultations. 

The platform aims to help GPs more efficiently manage patients’ mental health needs through providing a comprehensive assessment - particularly for people with more complex mental health concerns and needs. By providing patients with a Censeo assessment, GPs can reach diagnosis and establish the right treatment or management more efficiently, getting more people to the right level of support faster.

Eric Ansell, Lead GP at Cholmley Gardens Medical Centre said: “We are incredibly pleased to be one of the practices leading the charge with Censeo and bringing our patients a new way of accessing mental health support through the practice. We value the collaboration between ourselves as a dedicated primary care centre and introducing a visionary approach to improving the delivery of mental health services. Censeo will help us to improve our efficiency and effectiveness in treatment planning and monitoring, allowing us to help more patients. 

At Cholmley Gardens we place great importance on providing joined up services and clinics, following an ‘all under one roof’ approach. Censeo will allow us a way to fast-track patients to the right treatment and management. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we have remained keen to move ahead with this project. We are looking forward to meeting the needs of our patients at the same time as being able to improve and implement a modern approach to improving healthcare.”

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Prof. Sabine Bahn said: “We are excited to be launching Censeo with Parchmore and Cholmley Gardens. COVID-19 has put GPs and the NHS under increasing pressure and Censeo can support GPs in the first stage of triaging - by getting a clear picture of the clinical need and support required at the first point of contact. Patients can then be provided with the right type of treatment or support. We have had excellent feedback so far and we hope this trial period demonstrates the value that Censeo can provide both clinicians and patients in a real world setting.”

Startup Details

Startup Details



Psyomics is developing unique technology to radically improve the way mental health conditions are assessed and triaged. Built by psychiatrists, their digital diagnostic tools provide every patient access to a complete mental health review up front.

Drawing on twenty years of deep psychiatric and psychological expertise, as well as a significant clinical trial, Psyomics’ digital diagnostic platform, Censeo, mirrors the rich process of a human psychiatric assessment. Sophisticated algorithms guide a patient through a series of adaptive questions to build a holistic view of their whole mental health, providing a diagnosis where appropriate and enabling a clear treatment pathway.

Psyomics was Co-founded by Professor Sabine Bahn, Head of the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR) and Daniel Cowell, former COO of Horizon Discovery, with the goal of improving diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders. The company is supported by Cambridge Enterprise, Innovate UK, Parkwalk and European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

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