£1m invested to help individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in business

A property entrepreneur who is committed to revolutionising the public housing sector has pledged £1m to helping individuals from deprived backgrounds succeed in business through a new and innovative initiative titled, Millionaire Mentor.

Founded by Roy Ledgister, a credible entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of property and tech investment firm, Convivia Group, Millionaire Mentor has been developed to showcase the correlation between mindset and business success, whilst highlighting undiscovered and ambitious talent in poorer areas across the UK.  

To be documented via a YouTube series, the program will follow 15 candidates aged 18 – 24 as they compete for investment, with the final five selected to launch their own business in partnership with Roy – each receiving an initial £200,000 investment and regular mentorship to help hone their business knowledge and experience.

Roy Ledgister explained: “I was born into a black Caribbean family in West London and raised within a single parent household. However, having stumbled across ‘self-help’ tools at the tender age of 12, I realised that I could influence life outcomes by following simple rules for success, and that my background was a strength, and not an impediment, to my progression into both the legal and business worlds.

I now want to share these lessons with individuals from deprived backgrounds – going as far as proactively searching for homeless people with a dream - to show them that they too don’t need to be shaped by where they come from as long as they have the resolve to succeed. I am big believer in the power of mindset and that anyone can change their life by following a few simple steps to success – yet few of us are aware of our hidden potential or the fact that we have all the tools at our disposal to make this happen. In establishing this new program, I will prove my philosophy and demonstrate that society is failing to identify the talent of those who could not only contribute, but supercharge our communities as much - if not more so - than those with more privileged upbringings.

I am, therefore, incredibly excited to be announcing the launch of Millionaire Mentor and to receive the support of game changers in developing this new and exciting initiative.”

Having achieved the status of the UK’s youngest Senior Law Partner at just 24, Roy became a successful Barrister and has acted on behalf of a host of influential figures.  

However, Roy decided to walk away from a healthy six figure career to work for free in pursuit of creating wealth, that would enable him to return to the Bar and support of those who needed legal representation most, following severe funding cuts. He ventured into the unknown with nothing more than his philosophy, before raising £50m within six months for a new property holdings venture. He pivoted again years after, applying his approach in creating the Convivia Group.

In summer 2021, Roy finalised a private equity investment deal worth hundreds of millions to bring Convivia to the forefront of the public housing sector and is now focussed on creating a sustainable affordable housing solution that will revolutionise the public housing sector both domestically and internationally.

Millionaire Mentor is open to pre-register for any individual aged 18 – 24 who has a desire to succeed in business. Applications will open from April 2022, with the final five candidates due to be selected in September 2022.