President Zelensky beams to Dublin Tech Summit for the close of conference

 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed delegates at Dublin Tech Summit this afternoon, ahead of the close of the two-day event. Appearing via 3D hologram, the President spoke directly to Europe’s top tech entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders, across six of Europe’s top tech conferences. He compelled the region’s most influential innovators to donate financial and technological resources to begin rebuilding Ukraine. Zelensky’s presence, albeit virtually, captured the attention of attendees and speakers alike, with many audience members visibly moved by his emotive words.  

Zelensky said Ukraine continues to develop digital infrastructure in spite of the harrowing situation in the country, and pledged to make digital transformation central to his nation’s rebuild. Speaking at DTS provided the President a chance to communicate directly with the companies and people who can help play a part in the rebuild of Ukraine. ARHT Media’s holographic technology enabled the President to appear on stage simultaneously at six of Europe's largest tech festivals: Stockholm’s Brilliant Minds, London’s Founders Forum, Amsterdam’s The Next Web, Paris’ Vivatech, The AI Summit at London Tech Week,SuperReturn Berlin, as well as Dublin Tech Summit. 

President Zelensky’s address was one of the stand out moments from Dublin Tech Summit’s return to the RDS, and one that those in attendance are certain to remember. Others in attendance over the two days included Christopher Wylie, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Tyson Singer, VP of Technology and Platform, Spotify, Bryan Che, CSO, Huawei, Eileen O’Meara, Head of EMEA Revenue & Growth, Stripe, Harry D. Moseley, Global Chief Information Officer, Zoom, and many more. With discussion and keynote speeches on cyber security, sustainability, e-commerce, innovation and the current situation in Ukraine, there was something to spark the interest of all those in attendance. 

Dublin Tech Summit concluded today, after hosting over 8,000 attendees, 200 speakers, 150 startups, 65 partners and 1 president from over 50 countries, as the sun shone down over the RDS. The venue was a haven of conversation, entertainment and education, with people keen to mingle face-to-face, making a welcome change from the virtual engagements of the last two years. 

This year’s Dublin Tech Summit showcased Ireland’s position on the world stage as being a European hub for tech and innovation. The summit concluded having brought together the brightest tech innovators, influencers and entrepreneurs globally, in one location and proving that Ireland is the Silicon Republic of Europe easily as well as being a nation keen to continue their support of Ukrainian people. 

Speaking at the close of the event, President Zelensky said: “Our goal is to make Ukraine the freest digital state in the world,” said Zelensky, touching on some of the technologies his government plans to champion as it rolls out a digitally driven rebuild via the United24 platform. Ukraine is a chance for a global digital revolution, a chance for every technology company and a chance for every visionary to show their value, skills, technologies and ambitions.”