Premium streaming service for concert video in the Nordics

Swedish tech startup, Staccs, has launched its brand new, premium streaming on-demand service for filmed music concerts in the Nordics. Opening the doors to a world of iconic and legendary concert moments, Staccs is providing fans the opportunity to relive their favourite gigs, on demand, advert free - and in the highest quality possible. It also opens up new revenue streams for the music industry, whereby legacy video content can be marketed in a new and innovative way - benefiting the content owners. The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs presents a new and unique commercial opportunity for the industry.

From Oasis, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, David Bowie, Tupac,  Sam Smith, Bonnie Raitt and Nina Simone, through to renowned Swedish acts such as Zara Larsson and Jireel - music fans will be able to enjoy some of the world’s leading artists, all in one place. Launching first in the Nordics and Baltic countries, Staccs has created a platform which will stream high-quality, premium video and audio content. It is producing the world’s greatest concert catalogue in history. 

A new opportunity for the music industry, the platform offers a new, untapped revenue stream. With so many great concerts digitally available, Staccs is bringing them back but in a refreshed, modern way which will benefit not only the artists but also the rights holders. This will be based on a revenue share and user-centric model between the copyright owners, the artists and Staccs. All potential earnings for the artists and rights holders will be directly correlated to the content the fan engages with. This user-centric model will see Staccs divide each fan’s subscription fee only between the rights holders for the video content they’ve watched, rather than the traditional pay-per-play models used by other services which sees subscription fees divided up by overall streams on the entire platform. If a fan only watches one particular artist, then that artist’s earnings will be benefited by that fan’s subscription fee.

Jonas Sellberg, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Staccs, commented: “Our driving force since day one has been to make unforgettable, legendary concerts and music documentaries available to music lovers like ourselves. I am very proud that we are now launching Staccs for music fans, artists as well as for rights holders. At a time when it has been impossible to go to live concerts, I am even more delighted to be able to relive the magic of Lenny Kravitz's Just Let Go tour from 2015, in the comfort of my home.”

Anders Tullgren, Chief Executive Officer of Staccs, added: “By now digitizing concert content, we are opening up a completely new source of income for artists where their live performances can live on and benefit all parties, artists as well as fans. Classic video content can now be marketed in a way that can be utilised by the entire music ecosystem. With our DNA rooted in music, our ambition remains the same - to become the global home of legendary concerts, on demand.”

At launch, some of the first content that can be enjoyed by fans will include ‘Queen Live at Wembley Stadium 1986’, ‘Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from March 1973’, ‘The Rolling Stones Live at Checkerboard Lounge 1981’, ‘Nina Simone Live at Montreux 1976’, and ‘Tupac Live at The House of Blues 2005’. New concerts will be added to Staccs every week, which have been carefully selected by a team of music enthusiasts. As well as adding concert material, music documentaries will also be available to stream.

The streaming service will be available for any device and screen size, allowing the fan to watch on the go, in any format, whether it be on a mobile device, or in the comfort of their home synced up to a web browser. A subscription costs SEK 119 per month (which can be cancelled at any time) or SEK 1190 per year. During launch, a special offer granting access to Staccs for only SEK 599 per year will be available. New subscribers will be offered a 7-day free trial. The new home for concerts on demand, Staccs is set to offer music fans the opportunity to relive their favourite concert moments. For more information, visit here.