Pranjali Awasthi: From Coding at 7 to Founding Delv.AI at 16

Pranjali Awasthi is a remarkable young entrepreneur who founded Delv.AI, an AI startup, at the young age of 16.

Born in India and later relocating to Florida, USA, Pranjali began her coding journey at the age of seven under the guidance of her father, an engineer who strongly supported computer science education. By thirteen, she was interning at research labs at Florida International University, delving into machine learning projects.

Delv.AI, founded by Awasthi in January 2022, is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance data extraction processes for researchers. The company's core mission is to eliminate data silos and facilitate efficient access to specific information within the vast landscape of online content.

Delv.AI offers a range of features that streamline research workflows, such as the ability to query multiple documents simultaneously, integrate with cloud drives, and export results in CSV format. The platform is particularly useful for researchers across various fields, providing qualitative data extraction from textual PDFs and TXT documents, with plans to support scanned PDFs and quantitative data analysis in the future.

The company operates out of Miami, Florida, and has a small but dedicated team of fewer than ten employees. Delv.AI has received significant funding since it’s conception in 2022, raising approximately $450,000 from investors like Backend Capital, Village Global, and AngelList Quant Fund.

In October 2023, Delv.AI achieved an estimated valuation of $12 million. The platform's success is attributed to its ability to save researchers considerable time by reducing redundant R&D tasks by up to 75%.

Delv.AI offers several subscription plans, including a free tier, a Standard plan at $10 per month, and an Enterprise plan that requires booking a call for custom pricing. This flexible pricing structure allows users to choose a plan that best suits their needs, making AI-driven research assistance more accessible.

As Pranjali's journey unfolds, Delv.AI promises to push the boundaries of innovation, making advanced research more accessible and efficient than ever before.