The power of podcasting: five things you need to consider

“There has been a real rise in interest in audio content within the entrepreneurial space…”

Jo Day, the Founder of Audio&Co, is celebrating having made audio marketing more accessible for more people, as she joins forces with Sunday Times Bestselling Business Strategist and multi seven-figure business owner, Lisa Johnson, to bring podcasting power to more entrepreneurs and startups. 

Having come together to share their knowledge in an online masterclass that over 1,000 people registered for, Jo and Lisa, are seeing the rise in interest in audio content within the entrepreneurial circles they work within, as business owners are embracing the power of podcasting as a way to enable 24/7 marketing and as a route to connect more closely with their ideal clients. 

Jo says: “As the consumption of audio continues to boom, with over 464.7 million podcast listeners globally cited as of 2023 – a number that is predicted will reach 504.9 million by the end of 2024, it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are ready to get in on the action.

“I began my journey in the marketing and communications field in 2018, when my autobiography ‘Strength & Power’ topped the Amazon bestseller charts in 15 categories, and then I went on to become a part of the publishing team at Authors&Co. Audio&Co was founded in 2020, as a complementary service for the authors who wanted to further connect with their audience via spoken word. I have since supported over 600 authors and podcast hosts to bring their work to life and supported clients in obtaining top 5 chart positions across the globe as well as full sponsorship and PR coverage in national press.

“The podcasts I currently manage are receiving over 20K downloads per month and I am excited to team up with Lisa as we roll out services to make podcasting more accessible to more business owners.

“We believe reading, listening, and viewing channels should not be reserved for celebrities with large follower audiences. We can learn from them, and see what’s working, but it’s important that podcasting is not reserved for those with already high profiles, as it’s a powerful tool to help smaller businesses also grow. Our mission is to support everyone, regardless of status and ensure that all broadcasting and publishing channels are made accessible for all.”

Five things you need to consider when starting a podcast to help grow your business:

  1. Get clear on who you really are! Podcasts are perfect places to help your audience to really get to know you – so make sure you’re not hiding behind a mask of who you think you need to be – show up as you, that’s when the magic happens, this is not a place for trying to blend in!
  2. Get clear on what your audience needs from you – make sure you are creating a podcast that helps your ideal clients in some way – what is the value they’ll love you for sharing? How can you move them forward? Get this right and they’ll come to rely on you, and you’ll be a constant part of their world.
  3. Decide how you will consistently show up – will your podcast be run as an ongoing set of episodes or a series? Will you release a new episode each week or more or less? Commit to what works for you and your business so you can show up consistently with it.
  4. Get to grips with the tech – great podcasts are ruined by terrible sound quality. Make sure you understand what’s required from the tech side, so you can decide if you want to do this or pass this over to an expert.
  5. Plan how you will use it in your business – podcasts can work really hard as part of your marketing strategy, but only if you have a strategy – plan how you will incorporate your podcast and its content into your wider marketing for maximum impact.

Jo and Lisa have released an online programme – ‘Podcast more’ – a seven week training programme starting 13th June, which covers how to maximise your revenue and your profit, your network and audience, your knowledge and expertise; how to optimise your time and productivity; how to realise your growth potential and how to grow your enterprise, through podcasting, along with all the practical advice on how to use the tech and actually launch it.