Podcast advertising: a lesser-known secret to marketing success

Kochava takes a deep dive into the world of podcast advertising to shed light on its increasing popularity and effectiveness.

In a rapidly evolving marketing industry, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience and drive engagement. Podcast advertising has emerged as the hidden gem of marketing strategies, offering a unique and highly effective way to connect with consumers.

According to Arthur Novarina, Vice President, EMEA, at Kochava, the popularity of podcasts as a marketing platform is on the rise, significantly influencing consumer behaviour and preferences.

In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has soared to unprecedented heights. With millions of episodes available on a vast array of topics, podcasts have become a go-to source of entertainment and information for people around the world. This surge in listenership hasn’t gone unnoticed by marketers, who are eager to tap into this growing audience.

Novarina said: "Podcasts have become a cultural phenomenon, and this presents an unmatched and captivating channel for brands to connect with their target market. Podcast advertising allows brands to enter the conversation in an authentic and meaningful way, reaching consumers when they are receptive to new ideas. 

“What makes this form of advertising particularly appealing is the undivided attention of the listener. Unlike other digital ad formats, listeners are actively engaged and often trust the podcast hosts and their recommendations. This trust can then be harnessed by brands to sway purchasing decisions, build brand loyalty and enhance their reputation.”

Telecommunications company BT, for instance, capitalised on Spotify's latest ad format by leveraging CTA cards within podcast ads. The brand recognised that host-read ads have shown to foster a stronger emotional connection with listeners, increasing from 49% to 53% in a year. This strategic use of Spotify's platform, in conjunction with selective podcast placements, resulted in a significant boost, allowing listeners to seamlessly navigate to BT's Hybrid Broadband product page directly from the ad, demonstrating a compelling success in engaging consumers and driving action.

Novarina continued: “Marketers should identify podcasts that align with their brand and target audience. They can then craft compelling and authentic ads that resonate with the podcast's content and the host's style. In tailoring their advertising efforts and recognising the importance of authenticity, brands can maximise engagement and conversions.

“Tracking the effectiveness of podcast advertising through advanced analytics is also fundamental for understanding campaign ROI and achieving continual improvement. Testing different ad formats and messages is pivotal in building audience resonance and developing sustained success.”

He concluded: “With the growing popularity of podcasts as a marketing platform and their potential to influence consumer behaviour and preferences, it's clear that podcast advertising is becoming the secret to marketing success. Brands that harness the power of this medium stand to gain a competitive edge in their digital marketing campaigns.”

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