Plotline raises $2.6m as it harnesses AI to boost adoption

Plotline, a startup enabling consumer app companies to rapidly and effortlessly customise their apps, has raised $2.6 million from Elevation Capital to improve user adoption and loyalty in the super app era.

Plotline was founded in 2022 by Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari, who previously led the business and AI teams at HyperVerge, a leading identity-verification SaaS company. The pair initially set out to help product teams get real-time app feedback, but quickly found that many apps were being underutilised because the majority of users weren’t aware of all of the available functionalities in the first place.

Shubham Jindal, Co-Founder of Plotline commented: "Mobile apps are adding a lot more functionality into their apps today compared to half a decade ago. This poses a unique challenge in how users navigate and discover these offerings. Through our work with customers over the past year, we see that influencing user behaviour by making apps dynamic can be extremely beneficial for the company and end user. As apps transition from single-function tools to vertical super apps that offer multiple complementary services – they realised there was untapped potential in helping marketers and users unlock their apps' full value.”

Today, Plotline helps consumer brands make their apps dynamic based on individual user behaviour, analysing billions of data points to create a personalised experience that drives significant improvements in app usage. This helps product marketers cut through the noise in a way existing customer engagement platforms are currently unable to. While those platforms excel at bringing users back to apps through channels like push notifications, SMS, and emails, they fall short in being able to influence the user within the app itself. Furthermore, by integrating LLMs for content creation and continuous experimentation, Plotline ensures that each user's experience is optimally engaging and consistently evolving.

Based in San Francisco and Bengaluru, Plotline’s powerful no-code platform facilitates in-app user experimentation with inline widgets, improves activation, feature adoption, and retention with nudges, and drives deeper engagement with gamification components. This empowers consumer brands across the globe to skyrocket their user adoption and engagement rates.

Since launching just one year ago, Plotline has garnered significant traction among 50 consumer app teams, including industry leaders like Dream11, Khatabook, BharatPe, CoinDCX, Niyo, Step, and Kredivo. Plotline has served over 150 million end users through its platform and has helped every customer improve implementation and experimentation speeds by up to 10x. 

“We onboarded Plotline to create app widgets effortlessly and scale in-app as a growth channel. This has helped us drive adoption and reduced the burden on internal teams,” says Minal, VP of Growth at CoinDCX. Meanwhile Carter Hansen, Head of Marketing at Step, added: “We brought in Plotline to increase onboarding and product adoption within our app. Only a few weeks in, we were able to create in-app experiences and significantly reduce the burden on internal teams. We can move faster and have seen strong conversions on our early campaigns."

Strategically deploying its $2.6m seed round to bolster key functions across R&D, marketing, and sales, Plotline is now looking ahead to drive expansion in the US, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

“With the rise of vertical superapps, Plotline helps consumer apps cut through the noise and deliver the best in-app experiences through their no-code platform that allows growth marketers to craft and launch tailored UX campaigns. We're eager to support Shubham Jindal and Adarsh Tadimari on this journey as they redefine the dynamics of user engagement and drive unparalleled growth in this industry,” Poorvi Vijay, Vice President, Elevation Capital.

“The growth isn’t just in numbers. With apps turning multi-functional, there’s a lot more ground to cover, and the role of app adoption platforms is becoming even more crucial. We’re enabling both companies and their users to navigate the dynamic digital landscape, and the journey is far from over,” said Shubham Jindal.