Reveals Upsun, Its PaaS Offering Designed to Support the Growth of Startups, a provider in the Platform-as-a-Service arena, has unveiled Upsun, its latest innovation crafted to serve startups and digital units within larger organisations that embrace startup-like coding and agile practices.

Upsun is envisioned as a self-managed, highly adaptable, and scalable solution aimed at streamlining the entire application lifecycle – from development through deployment to ongoing iteration. It equips development teams with advanced tools to seamlessly design infrastructure, enhance code quality, utilise resources more efficiently, and swiftly address technical issues.

Startups, from their inception, encounter myriad obstacles, ranging from product design and talent acquisition to financial management. The constraints of time and resources can impede their expansion, scalability, and capacity for innovation. In an era where operational efficiency is critical, Upsun emerges as a strategic asset for startups, empowering their development teams to concentrate on crafting new features and bolstering their business ventures, instead of allocating extensive periods to the oversight of engineering platforms and cloud infrastructures.

Upsun positions startups for growth and enables the execution of a broad spectrum of cloud-based projects. It is particularly well-suited for projects featuring decoupled architectures, headless technologies, and those rich in data or AI functionalities.

“For seven months, we’ve had the opportunity to beta-test Upsun and have been blown away by how easy it is to use, given the complexity it can handle. The platform provides the perfect tools for startups like Witty Works, a platform to meet the resource demands of custom code, microservices, and AI-rich projects. We have been able to improve our performance and automate the deployment of our applications without the need to recruit a dedicated DevOps team. This flexibility has enabled us to concentrate our resources on our core technology,” said Lukas Kahwe Smith, co-founder and CTO of Witty Works, a Zurich-based startup delivering an application improving inclusive language within diverse companies.

Upsun is committed to supporting its customers’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. Through this new offer, is providing a 3% discount on resource usage when deploying to a low-carbon region. The company is currently offering this incentive in five regions (France, Sweden, Canada, the United States and Switzerland), enabling it to respond effectively to the needs of startups in terms of sustainability, data localization, and compliance.

Upsun’s pricing model is transparent, flexible and consumption-based. This approach enables startups to pay only for what they use and scale step-by-step while managing their budgets more effectively. is supporting the growth and acceleration of startups with a special promotional offer when they adopt Upsun. With a 50% discount on their first year contract, this initiative aims to make startup adoption more accessible. The offer is reserved exclusively for Upsun subscribers and is subject to specific eligibility criteria.

“The launch of Upsun marks a new era in our commitment to innovation, durability, and growth for startups. We are convinced that this new offering will provide them with the resources they need to expand and prosper in an ever-changing environment,” says Fred Plais, CEO and co-founder of

Beyond startups, Upsun is designed for any organisation with an innovative application project that requires development teams to quickly build, deploy, and scale their applications.