Patient and doctor duo team up to launch Apo

Apo, a digital health startup, announced its upcoming launch, a new platform dedicated to revolutionising the management of musculoskeletal (MSK) health.

Founded by Lauren Romanish, Chief Executive Officer, and accompanied by Ed Timings, D.C, Chief Health Officer –  Apo integrates technology with holistic health practices to offer a new wave of support for individuals suffering from MSK conditions.

The inspiration behind Apo

The journey to founding Apo began with a deeply personal challenge: a battle with chronic costochondritis. This condition, often misunderstood and underdiagnosed, can mimic the pain of a heart attack and sends millions to the hospital globally each year. Faced with debilitating pain and armed with the conventional prescription of opioids and rest – solutions that conflicted with Lauren’s upbringing in a household grappling with addiction – she was compelled to seek alternative treatments.

Lauren’s quest for relief led her to explore the realms of eastern medicine, natural remedies, and holistic practices. This path was transformative in managing her condition and in reshaping her approach to health. It was during this exploration that Lauren met Ed Timings, who played a pivotal role in her recovery. Together, Lauren and Ed embraced a comprehensive holistic protocol that included physical care, mobility training, nutrition planning, cortisol reducing techniques, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy philosophy.

Inspired by this life-changing experience and partnership, Apo was born to extend these holistic health solutions to others facing musculoskeletal conditions, turning personal adversity into a global mission for healthier, happier lives.

What sets Apo spart

Apo stands out in the digital health landscape as a platform dedicated to transforming musculoskeletal health through a holistic approach. Unlike traditional health solutions that focus narrowly on physical symptoms, Apo's innovative platform merges the power of physical and mental health into a comprehensive care model. This integration is powered by advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, allowing Apo to dynamically personalise health plans based on real-time user feedback and progress. Apo is crafted in collaboration with top specialists across various fields – including physical therapy, chiropractic care, nutrition, and psychology – ensuring that they are both robust and scientifically sound.

Anticipated impact

With one in three individuals in the UK living with a musculoskeletal condition and the NHS spending over £5 billion annually on supporting these conditions, Apo is poised to make a substantial impact. Apo addresses these widespread health issues by shifting the focus from symptomatic relief to a more comprehensive, preventative approach. This shift not only promises to enhance individual health outcomes but support critical healthcare objectives by reducing unnecessary expenditures and enhancing care efficiencies, thus alleviating the overall burden on our healthcare system.

Lauren Romanish, Chief Executive Officer, said: “At Apo, we treat the individual, not just the condition. Traditional approaches that focus solely on isolated symptoms often fall short as they neglect the body as the powerful interconnected system it is. Our platform revolutionises musculoskeletal health by providing personalised care that empowers individuals to manage their health in a way that respects the complexity of the human body and leans into our natural healing capabilities.”

Ed Timings, D.C, - Chief Health Officer, said: "In my decades of experience as a holistic health practitioner, I have encountered countless cases, just like Lauren's, where patients receive fragmented and inadequate care that fails to address the full spectrum of their needs. At Apo, we integrate physical and mental health strategies to ensure our treatments are as comprehensive and adaptive as the human beings they serve.”