Partnership encourages people to move around in a healthy and sustainable way

HumanForest and 22 Bishopsgate are partnering to encourage occupiers of 22 Bishopsgate to move around the city in a healthy and sustainable way. 

HumanForest will be onsite as part of the 22B initiatives to mark Earth Day on the 22nd April 2022. The team will be showcasing the HumanForest eBikes, offering training sessions and helping attendees download their free 30 HumanForest minutes, courtesy of 22 Bishopsgate.

HumanForest will also be creating a designated ‘Green Bay’ (free parking zone for the eBikes) onsite, which will remain active for a month following the Earth Day event. This will ensure that the 22B community can benefit from a convenient supply of eBikes, as well as a free place to end their ride on the way to the workspace. HumanForest Green Bays are entirely virtual and can be found within the HumanForest app. 

HumanForest is on a mission to provide sustainable and affordable micro-mobility for Londoners, helping to reduce CO2 emissions across the city, improve air quality and limit congestion. HumanForest eBikes are powered by certified renewable energy and its operations are fully carbon negative. The company is being accredited by both B Corp and Verra to validate its status as a genuinely sustainable micro-mobility company. Since launching, HumanForest has helped to prevent over 30 tonnes of CO2 from being released into London’s air. 

22 Bishopsgate puts humanity at its core by prioritising four commitments; Health & Wellness, Learning & Education, Sustainability & The Environment and Inclusion & Diversity. The building meets the highest ESG criteria and the team are committed to ensuring sustainable practices are met in every aspect of how the building is run.  The 22B Team is also dedicated to encouraging its tenants to reduce waste, follow its circular processes and procure from environmentally minded suppliers. 

The partnership will commence on 21 April 2022 for an initial period of one month. 

Laura Elms, Head of Partnerships for HumanForest, said: “We’re delighted to have 22 Bishopsgate join HumanForest as a partner around Earth Day 2022. This partnership will help encourage 22 Bishopsgate occupiers to find environmentally friendly ways of moving to and from the building, encouraging more people to move in a sustainable, healthy and fun way. The building’s offer of HumanForest codes to its community is a strong signal that  22B is committed to providing the best solutions for its occupiers as well as the planet.”