Okinme secures €1M seed funding for Brain Sync Soundtracks

Dutch mental health tech pioneer, Okinme, is excited to announce its ongoing efforts to secure €1 million in seed funding from a strategic investor.

Established in 2022 by industry visionaries Oscar Pesch and Rolf Nuyts, Okinme is a pioneering provider of audio content for mental health through its Brain Synchronisation Soundtracks. The science-based Brain Synchronisation Soundtracks aid individuals in focusing and relaxing through brainwave stimulation and improving overall mental well-being.

Okinme's has successfully completed its development and validation stages, with initial funding provided by the founders themselves. The startup is now actively seeking €1 million in seed capital to take its product to the next level – evolving into a cutting-edge product solution. This new product will introduce a revolutionary sound algorithm capable of generating bio-adaptive Brain Synchronisation Soundtracks tailored to individual needs. The scientifically grounded bio-adaptive soundtracks synchronising brainwaves are scalable, require minimal effort, and are self-service for users. This cost-efficient and time-saving solution is always available, instantly effective, and usable in any location.

In today's Western world, a concerning mental health crisis is unfolding. Over 35% of employees experience workplace stress, adversely impacting both productivity and organisational culture. External stimuli and high demands contribute to a loss of self-connection, leaving individuals grappling with their wellbeing. Okinme is committed to addressing these challenges.

“We are incredibly excited about our next step in our journey,” said Oscar Pesch, Co-Founder and CEO of Okinme. “The funding is crucial for Okinme to support ongoing innovation efforts and propel further growth. In addition to financial backing, Okinme is actively seeking an ideal strategic partner with expertise, experience, and a network in the fields of innovation and neuroscience.”

Okinme's business model centres around Content-as-a-Service, delivering Brain Synchronisation audio content to distribution platforms, such as airlines inflight entertainment programmes, mental health platforms, and employee health platforms. In the later stages, Okinme aims to provide Managed Content-as-a-Service directly to corporates with a workforce size of 500 employees and above.

Okinme's mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals by offering a solution that seamlessly combines the latest technology with a profound understanding of mental health needs.