NEXUS ESG Startup Programme 2021

The NEXUS ESG Startup Programme is designed to give founders the practical knowledge to launch and scale their creative and digital businesses.

Leveraging the programme development experience from multiple UK and international startup innovation hubs, participating startup founders gain an understanding of the strategic implications of sustainability challenges on their business functions.

The programme future proofs new ideas as attractive propositions for future investment.

‘’We were often approached by peers that commonly had the same challenges around winning new business, hiring talent, managing projects, access to funding and the rollercoaster that is earning a living in the creative industries. In light of this we wanted to create a global network and programme where, together, creatives could get the advice and support they needed to solve these challenges and realise their full potential.’’ Farouk Deen, Co-Founder NEXUS

Who It's For

Startups in the creative industries developing solutions in Technology, digital, media, film, fashion, gaming, VR and events, seeking alignment in Environment, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG).


One day per week on Mondays for eight weeks. With multiple sessions each Monday. Plus one-to-one coaching, and mentoring (over 30 hours total) from Monday 2 August to Tuesday 21 September 2021.

Application Deadline

Friday 30th July 2021. Sign up here.