New Study Reveals Senior Managers Drowning With Heavy Workloads And Lack Of Resources Due To Budget Restrictions

A new study conducted by the accountancy firm Accounts Direct firm sheds light on the daily challenges and annoyances facing UK workers and business owners every day. Findings reveal over 40% of managers struggle to balance work-life demands, whilst around 1 in 3 employees find heavy workloads and tight deadlines the biggest challenge in their job. 

These statistics are surprising, considering management is often considered a job role that offers more flexibility than that of a lower-skilled worker, and that in a world where interest rates are still high and unstable, and the cost-of-living crisis is still prevalent, it’s deadlines and workloads which are causing the biggest challenges in people’s jobs and their well-being. 

Research insights also reveal that 28% of business owners are struggling with insufficient resources, while over 20% of managers say they would like their company to outsource customer service tasks. 

Steven Englander, CEO at Accounts Direct, says, "These statistics highlight the need for businesses to invest not only in their company but also in employees, looking into workplace tactics on how owners and managers can get the best out of their employees while keeping employees happy within their job roles.  

“It is evident that employees are having more pressure and tasks loaded on them, as budgets are tight for recruiting new team members. We are seeing a huge drive in some sectors to outsource certain tasks and implement deeper delegation to manage workloads and ensure they're still enjoying running a business." 

With 1 in 4 C-level execs revealing that they are struggling to manage a diverse and remote team, a normality since Covid times and home working, employers need to adapt to this new way of working through how they allocate tasks and resources. 

Remote working has many benefits; it enables businesses to reduce overheads and access a larger talent pool by searching for employees across the UK or even globally. 

"However, says Steven Englander, managing a team of remote workers can be a challenge.  

“Some businesses see increased productivity, and others see a lack of it due to employees being at home and distracted by daily life tasks. To manage a team successfully, you need to be sure you have effective communication tools.” 

The study, which surveyed over 1,000 employees and business owners across the UK, serves as a wake-up call to address the challenges in business. "In this difficult financial time, it's important to keep the enjoyment alive in your business,” said Steven Englander.  

"Our main customer base is business owners, and our goal is to make running a business enjoyable. Whether that's outsourcing telecoms and bookkeeping or finding brilliant writers or managers. We are business owners, and we know what it's like doing all the tasks that take time away from running a business that you love. Finding brilliant people who can do the work well, with no aggravation for you, can be a great benefit to outsourcing, plus, it can help to take the pressure off during the current climate."