New platform to simplify startup investment and foster deeptech growth

INTEMA, a venture fund and consulting company based in Luxembourg, renowned for its AI and deeptech proficiency, is introducing The INTEMA Platform.

This platform is designed to facilitate rapid and transparent interactions between startups, venture capitalists (VCs), and corporations, from the initial connection to the pilot stages. INTEMA strives to unite companies and investors within a digital tech hub, offering enhanced opportunities and optimal conditions for growth.

The platform addresses the major investment-related requirements of all the stakeholders, including matching VCs and corporations with relevant startups, conducting company scoring for startups, comprehensive technical due diligence, offering global business expertise, and providing the chance to launch a pilot.

Matchmaking provides startups with the opportunity to connect with multiple Venture Capitalists (VCs), this is particularly beneficial for projects that require larger investment amounts that may not be available from a single VC. Moreover, the platform makes startup scouting for venture funds and corporate representatives as simple as using a social network.

Startups will be able to assess their vitality and resilience through a specialised Scoring model, which evaluates projects using 23 parameters across four blocks: team, change management, technology, and business. INTEMA's developers have integrated AI algorithms to offer startups recommendations on areas requiring more focus and to compare their performance against competitors.

Furthermore, founders can seize the chance to assess the robustness of their technological solution during due diligence sessions led by esteemed experts from famous global tech corporations like AWS, Meta, Tencent Cloud, HP, and others. As for VCs, due diligence equips them with tech insights on capabilities, potential market impact, and the long-term viability of potential investments.

For startups primarily seeking opportunities to put their technology into practical use, rather than just funding, The INTEMA Platform offers a chance to connect with corporations that are receptive to collaboration and understand the value of technological innovations. Pilot Start assists corporations in initiating digital transformations by pairing them with compatible startup partners for successful pilot projects.

"We are thrilled to launch the INTEMA platform, which provides tools and opportunities for startups, VCs, and corporations to simplify the search and interaction, reducing the time and resources spent on the investment process", said Alex Posternak, CIO and Co-Founder of INTEMA. "We believe that the platform fosters collaboration and facilitates meaningful connections that will drive innovation and fuel the growth of the deeptech ecosystem globally."

The Intema platform is already open for registrations.