New Hub for Creatives, Talenthouse Media Foundry

Talenthouse Media Foundry, a revolutionary new platform that empowers game creatives to thrive independently, launches today. Media Foundry enables developers to explore partnership opportunities and resources, connect with other creatives, and crucially access direct, exciting opportunities for revenue beyond games - all while retaining creative control of their IP. A much-needed resource in an industry in constant, exhilarating growth.

The first-of-its-kind cross-media platform is launching with a focus on Independent Video Game developers featuring industry specific empirical editorial, analytics tools and market research. Talenthouse Media Foundry exists to amplify the voices of 'indie' developers and provide them with quality, vetted resources to help bring their projects to completion and their games to life.

The essential platform is the brainchild of games industry veteran Mike Gamble, who after a decade at Epic leading their EMEA Unreal Engine business, left to build Talenthouse Media Foundry and is heading up its execution and delivery - at a time when the industry has never needed it more.

“After 30 years of experience in the games industry it was clear to me there was a need for a new way to help independent creatives across all media thrive. Talenthouse Media Foundry will give creative, technical and business control back to developers, allowing teams the freedom to choose how their project is developed, the route to market, where and with whom they collaborate and helping to provide a better position in discussions with publishers and funds.”

Cleverly compiling all the elements a developer might need under one welcoming roof, the platform offers industry insight and expert advice that independent teams simply cannot get anywhere else.

“It feels very empowering,” said Benedik Stang, Game Director at Snowcastle Games. “The team’s industry experience and extensive network gives us access to resources that were previously out of our reach. Media Foundry enables us to do more, in a better way.”

Users of the platform will gain the opportunity to learn from industry experts to develop their own skill sets and gain practical advice on securing funding, sponsorship and other financial support for projects.

The games industry is at a point of explosive growth, combine that with the metaverse and you have a constant demand for content. Talenthouse Media Foundry exists to empower independent creatives to get a well-deserved piece of this cake - and eat it, too. 

"Mike knows Games development inside-out, and he quickly saw the enormous potential for the Talenthouse community to help change this for the better. His wealth of knowledge and connections have made Media Foundry a truly special place for our creative community to be," added Maya Bogle, Talenthouse co-founder.  “This is taking us to the next level of empowering creatives to be seen, heard and paid.”

"Given his extensive experience in Games, knowledge of the industry and of the needs of independent developers, Mike Gamble is the perfect person to make this magic happen," said Clare McKeeve, Talenthouse CEO.

Resources available through Media Foundry at launch include:

  • Market research reports - A twice yearly report delivered by video from SomeResearch covering market trends, player spend, hours played per genre and much more.
  • Editorial content - Provides a knowledge base covering all aspects of game development from age ratings to engine choice along with weekly insights into the latest news and trends within the industry.
  • The Furnace - Game analytics tool using Steam data allows devs to search and compare the performance, reviews, player counts of titles similar to theirs. The Furnace gives devs the data to make decisions regarding development and launch.

The first stage of Talenthouse Media Foundry’s cross-industry rollout focused on games, will be followed by further industry specific hubs in TV, Film and Fiction throughout 2022 and beyond.