Neurodiverse entrepreneur using AI to help businesses apply for funding

A neurodiverse entrepreneur from Bolton is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help small businesses apply for the funding they need to grow.

Liam Brennan spent 18 years working in the tech innovation industry before he got the diagnosis that he had ADHD and high-performing Autism last year. 

The diagnosis helped him to reframe his conditions and control his fast speech and short attention span to direct his ingenious ideas into a cutting-edge tool that uses AI to ghostwrite blog posts, advertising scripts and even grant funding applications for busy business founders.

Liam co-founded earlier this year. The digital service can deliver a range of posts in seconds, like company updates, event promotion for internal and external use as well as social media posts for Facebook and Instagram with subtle genre differences.

You can toggle the posts to inject fresh industry insights, input topical real-world references and seamlessly appeal to different audiences – millennials or Gen Z for example. And you can even dictate the tone so it could be amusing and include emojis or be more serious. 

Ghostpost is now seeking angel investment to take it to the next level. 

Brennan said: “I have been working successfully in tech innovation for 18 years in a succession of jobs. I was always really productive and successful, but while I held onto one job for 12 years, the rest ended quite quickly.  

“That was down to my autism and ADHD which was quite challenging in a work scenario until my diagnosis and then learning to work around it and channel my energy into, which is a real passion.

“We want to not only support more businesses to cut their time in agonising over posts, we also want to ensure they are more ethical, our tool can naturally inject inclusivity and align to company ethics.

“We can also help businesses cut their carbon impact by deploying posts at a time that use less energy.”

As the business has been growing, Brennan has been using tools to help him understand the business skills he needs to make a success.

As well as taking part in the DiSH (the Digital Security Hub) in Manchester, he’s been watching webinars and using business tools from business.connected, a programme of free support from Vodafone, JPMorgan Chase, Sage and and delivered by small business support platform and membership community Enterprise Nation.

Brennan said: “We’ve started Ghostpost as a side hustle, I am currently also working as a tech innovation consultant, so we needed to onboard as much information as possible, while keeping costs low.

“The Enterprise Nation webinars and the e-learning have been brilliant. It’s relevant, easy to use and has helped me get to grips with cash flow, finances and the best thing has been finding other like-minded founders who are going through what we are - and being able to bounce ideas and experiences against others.”