Nash Squared CEO meets with Shadow Minster for Digital Infrastructure

Last week Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared, was pleased to meet the Shadow Minister for Media, Data, and Digital Infrastructure, Stephanie Peacock MP.

They were joined by Robert Grimsey, Group Marketing Director, and Robin MacDonald, Director of Harvey Nash NextGen. They discussed the composition of the global tech workforce, talent acquisition prospects, and the creation of employment opportunities across the sector, particularly in priority areas such as cyber security.

Stephanie Peacock MP has previously featured as one of Nash Squared's Tech Champions, writing an article on the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and Labour's plans to support the tech and the digital economy to ensure the UK remains a prime destination for tech companies to invest and startups to flourish.

White said: "Stephanie is an amazing advocate for equality in technology through work that she is already doing in her role as Shadow Minister for Media, Data, and Digital Infrastructure. We are excited to work with Parliamentarians on inclusivity and accessibly across the sector to create a more diverse workforce and thriving economy that has the potential to transform people's lives for the better."

Stephanie Peacock MP commented: "It was great to meet Bev and her team last week to discuss all things tech and digital skills. We spoke at length about how a Labour government and the tech sector combined can ensure people of all ages can train and reskill to supply this growing industry with the talent it needs. Labour's plans for a Growth and Skills levy to replace the faltering apprenticeships levy will do just that."

"The tech sector is a vital part of our economy that has the potential to transform people's lives for the better. I look forward to working with organisations like Nash Squared further on these important issues."

Ms Peacock has served as the Member of Parliament for Barnsley East since 2017 and has held several shadow positions within the Labour Party, including Shadow Minister for Veterans.