multifi Launches 120-Day Credit Limit for UK SMBs Following Successful Broker Pilot

Multifi is thrilled to unveil its pioneering 120-day payment terms, now directly accessible to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) throughout the UK, after a triumphant broker pilot scheme.

This move marks a pivotal development in our quest to bolster the financial well-being and expansion of UK SMBs, particularly as they approach tax season and assess their financial plans amid periods of constrained cash flow.

The invaluable insights derived from the broker pilot have played a crucial role in tailoring our service to more closely align with the requirements of SMBs. This endeavour has provided us with critical market intelligence, informing our approach to ensure we deliver substantial support to businesses in need of financial aid. Consequently, we believe our 120-day payment terms will provide businesses with the essential flexibility to adeptly manage their cash flow and fulfil tax commitments with ease.

"We are thrilled extend the learning of our successful broker pilot to a direct offering for UK SMBs. This allows us to meet the needs of businesses seeking financial support more closely, especially as they navigate the complexities of the tax season," stated Rob Keown-Boyd, CEO at multifi. "Our commitment to empowering SMBs has never been stronger, and through our continued work with brokers and customers, we believe these 120-day payment terms will be a game-changer for many."

It is proud to offer this enhanced financial solution, designed with the specific challenges and needs of UK SMBs in mind. By applying directly through multifi, businesses can now access:

  • Extended Payment Terms: 120-days of breathing room to manage finances around tax obligations.
  • Tailored Support: Solutions designed to meet the unique challenges faced by SMBs.
  • Streamlined Application Process: An efficient, direct application process to provide financial support quickly.

Furthermore, our new marketing campaign, ‘Take the Faff out of Finance’, aims to enhance our presence in the market, making more SMBs aware of our tailored credit limits. This expansion represents our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of businesses and ensuring that they have simple access to the support they need when they need it most.