MRMC at ISE 2024

During ISE 2024, Startups Magazine’s Deputy Editor Anna Wood interviewed Matt Bryan, Channel Sales and Strategy Manager at MRMC, a UK-based company specialising in camera robotics and automation solutions.

MRMC Broadcast, part of Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), draws on over sixty years of experience in motion control and imaging technology. The company offers a broad spectrum of products, ranging from simple manual sliders to sophisticated robotic arms, designed to meet the diverse needs of broadcasters, production houses, educational settings, and live events.

With a focus on integrating advanced technology with user-friendly designs, MRMC Broadcast provides versatile tools for enhancing visual content creation across various industries, ensuring clients have access to high-quality, innovative solutions for their imaging requirements.

MRMC's offerings include Polymotion Chat for automated camera tracking of individuals, capable of handling up to 12 cameras simultaneously. This technology aims to reduce operational costs by automating the tracking process.

MRMC's motion control systems, such as the lift system for vertical movement and a slider system for horizontal motion, add dynamic quality to camera shots, enhancing visual storytelling beyond static camera setups. These systems find application in broadcast studios, production companies, and educational institutions, facilitating automated tracking of entire body movements for more reliable and comprehensive subject capture.

Find out more in the interview below.