Move supports open exchange and community ‘give-back’

Treedy’s, the technology market-leader in ensuring the right clothing size for customers via instantaneous, fully-clothed and precise scanning technology, today announced it is making available its first generation software as open-source in order to facilitate access to its cutting edge quality 3D scans by research institutions, universities and other non-profit organisations. 

Treedy’s licensing model will allow for any non-commercial usage in a bid to address the many other applications of its software beyond the fashion sector. By design, open source software licenses promote collaboration and sharing as they permit people to make modifications to source code and incorporate those changes into their own projects.  

Meanwhile, Treedy’s commercially available 2nd generation scanning technology can empower fashion sector thought-leaders in the areas of digitalisation and sustainability. Under-clothing, highly accurate measurement data empowers fashion brands make the leap from analogue to digital clothing design. Additionally, this technology delivers a truly sustainable approach to product lifecycle management.

“Today’s announcement is about both purpose and projection,” explained Treedy’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Stephan Sturges. “Together with partners like Zalando, we can reinvent a consumer fashion experience by solving the size and fit challenge. This benefits both brands and customers. And we project that we can better achieve our own goal of scaling-up by giving back to the open source community that helped us grow” explained Mr. Sturges. 

Treedy’s unique scanners and algorithms provide brands and their customers with the right fit, securing greater brand loyalty and future purchase intent. Thanks to highly accurate machine-learning-enabled under-garment scanning technology, Treedy’s empowers brands to engage more deeply with customers and bridge the gap between the online and in-store fashion experience. 

Treedy’s technology - recognized for its reliability, affordability and overall excellence - is already in use with household global brands such as Zalando, among others. 

“Working together with Treedy’s and using 3D scanning technologies allows us to make important progress necessary to achieve great things for our customers when it comes to size and fit”, explained Stacia Carr, Director of Engineering Zalando. 
By utilising Treedy’s scanning technology, brands can: 

  • Offer an engaging customer-experience
  • Realise standardised body measurements
  • Liberate customers from size-related frustrations 
  • Decrease returns, thereby reducing their carbon footprint
  • Increase brand loyalty & stimulate their omni-channel offer
  • Enhance localised forecasting & optimise stock management
  • Increase profitability 

“Our revolutionary 3D scanning technology seeks to create a virtuous circle between customers and clothing brands, thanks to rapidly deployable and scalable solutions that are ‘sized’ for the circular economy,” stated Nicolas Van Hoecke, Treedy’s Chief Executive Officer. 
“The time has come for hassle-free, highly efficient solutions that offer advantages to all the stakeholders of the fashion industry: customers, brands, supply chain actors and society at large. At Treedy’s, we’ve developed such a solution, and we’re ready to deploy it at scale” concluded Mr. Van Hoecke.