Metaverse not dead: 11 innovative solutions for corporations to be showcased at Intema Demoday

On 30 June 2023, Intema DeepTech company in partnership with the MTS ecosystem will hold a Demoday, where 11 alumni will showcase their innovative products. The winner gets a chance to launch a paid pilot with a group of corporations working in the banking, entertainment, media, and telecom industries.

The jury along with participants of the event will select the winner. As part of the Demoday Intema will also organise networking sessions for corporations and investors with selected startups.

During the Demoday, Intema will unveil an array of technological Metaverse solutions for the corporate environment. The event will feature 11 teams hailing from the UAE, Turkey, and the USA, each presenting their innovative projects to the jury panel, formed with representatives of corporations, venture funds, and successful startups. Together with Intema's experts, they will carefully evaluate the projects and determine the winner.

The event will terminate a 12-week acceleration programme for the Metaverse startups, during which they received extensive support through workshops and invaluable business development guidance from industry experts, who have experience with leading Metaverse companies such as Unity, Accenture, NetEase, Tencent, and others.

The Demoday metaverse projects stand out for their technological diversity. Here are some of the participants, which will showcase their solutions at the Demo Day:

  • Dioram – metaworld maps that surpass traditional GPS navigators
  • Phygital+ – AI workspace for visual creators and design teams
  • Creon Games – bridging the gap between brands and web3 gaming with personalised experience 
  • Sporta – a VR gym
  • Mr. Metaprener – the first AI-powered virtual blogger;
  • WeTalent - a platform that helps brands and investors find creators using AI and build transparent relationships through tokenisation
  • Nanosemantics – bringing the power of voice control in video games, interactive avatars, and XR stands to engage with people.

"Our objective was to assist in the adoption of Metaverse technologies across more than 20 business divisions, each consisting of numerous products and businesses. The Intema team conducted interviews with each decision-maker, resulting in an aggregation of a map of business requirements, so we knew which Metaverse technologies would impact business metrics the most. So, we knew precisely which technologies to select for the acceleration programme to yield more successful PoCs. After forming a batch from the top 11 startups, we carried out more than 40 introductions for both the decision-makers and the selected startups, ultimately resulting in 90% follow-ons and further pilot planning," commented Alexey Posternak, Managing Partner of Intema.

In addition to the project presentations, Demoday will provide Metaverse startups with exclusive networking sessions facilitated by Intema's experts. Startups will be able to choose between sessions with investors, venture capital funds, or major corporate clients, fostering potential partnerships, pilot launches, and fundraising. Each 10-minute meeting will enable startups to engage with representatives from Intema's corporate fund and partner funds, which invest substantial amounts ranging from $100,000 to $10 million in AI and DeepTech.

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