Meet the startups selected for Intel Ignite’s Spring 2024 UK cohort

Intel Ignite, Intel’s global startup accelerator programme for early-stage deeptech startups, is launching its second cohort in the United Kingdom on April 24th.

The UK programme, which is based in London, launched last fall. This second UK cohort features a diverse group of startups spanning cross discipline technologies for developing, deploying, and utilising AI, through to next generation super energy efficient compute, data storage, and display technologies.

From an applicant pool of more than 200 companies, 10 startups were selected to participate in the 12-week programme. The companies in this cohort have an average of £3.5m in funding.

The startups in this second UK cohort are:

  • HoloMem - Holographic data storage technology to enable a more energy efficient and scalable Cloud
  • LightHearted AI – A novel contactless medical device that can acquire cardiac signals and provide an AI-assisted diagnosis in 10 seconds
  • OctaiPipe - Federated Edge AI for Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, for industrial applications, and smart critical infrastructures
  • QuestDB - A high-performance, open-source database for time-series data. Designed from the ground up to operate as close to the hardware as possible, eliminating ingestion bottlenecks and lowering overall hardware requirements
  • RevEng.AI - AI reverse engineering platform that helps security engineers, malware analysts, and threat hunters to automatically identify vulnerabilities, backdoors, and malware hidden inside software supply chains
  • SkiteLight - Next-generation displays for spatial computing with Perovskite MicroLED, a material that excels in brightness, resolution, and energy efficiency
  • Solve Intelligence - AI to help attorneys write high-quality patents efficiently, by providing an in-browser document editor that is powered by an AI co-pilot specialized for IP
  • Stanhope AI - Novel computational neuroscience framework called Active Inference, enabling autonomous machines to constantly learn in real-time and self-correct, based on their surroundings
  • Tenyks - Helps Machine Learning Engineers build better, safer vision-based models, in a faster and more efficient way
  • Vaire Computing - A new generation of near-zero energy chips for Generative AI, always-on Edge devices and data centres

“AI has of course been dominating the conversation in tech, but maximising the value of this powerful technology requires finding applications for it that can contribute to solving some of the world’s biggest problems,” said Ofer Shayo, Managing Director, Intel Ignite London. “And that’s exactly what the startups in this cohort are doing, whether that be through developing medical devices that provide diagnoses in seconds, making software more secure, or increasing the energy efficiency of next-gen compute, devices and data centres.”

Intel Ignite has a proven track record of helping deeptech startups achieve significant strategic impact and get to product market fit faster. In fact, since the program launched in 2019, collectively, the companies have secured over $2.5 billion in funding.

“The UK is one of the strongest startup and VC markets in the world, and we are excited to kick off our second cohort there, after launching the UK programme last fall,” said Tzahi (Zack) Weisfeld, VP & GM at Intel Ignite. “These 10 companies are set to join and support the tech ecosystem in the UK as they grow and develop their go-to-market strategy, and we could not be more excited to work with them during the 12-week program and hopefully beyond that, for many years to come.”