Meet the new innovative user-generated Travel app on the block

Triend Travel is a social marketplace that utilises user-generated video content with an innovative algorithm and technology which allows consumers to make personalised travel recommendations based on their love of travel.

Working in music tourism for five years, Founders Matthew Hairsnape and Josh Mudway realised the importance of niche travel. Whether you travel for sustainable reasons, wellness, music or gastronomy, the time for travelling to simple package locations is over. 

"With 89% of millennials planning their travel activities based on digital content posted by their peers we saw the need for a dedicated travel booking platform that fills this void outside traditional travel. With content inspiration platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, we designed our platform to act as a recommendation and a social marketplace for users. We want them to discover, share, recommend and book different travel trends all in one place”. said Matthew.

Triend represents a significant shift from traditional office-based travel agencies or even web-based solutions to one which is real time, user driven and mobile focused. 2020 has seen a significant contraction in the travel industry. 2021 is the ideal time to launch our new solution to ensure that we can capture a share of the recovering £4 trillion global travel market. 

The travel industry has not evolved and modernised in the way that other sectors have. Triend is a disruptive innovation that will represent a paradigm shift in the travel industry. The concept is all about developing a handheld peer to peer mobile solution for users that will change the way travel is accessed and booked from the start of their journey to the end. 

The strategy is simple and also factors into account the fact that whilst AI enhances tourism experiential services it has not surpassed the inextricable value that ‘human touch’ brings. This ‘human touch’ remains the core determinant of experiential tourism and as such Triend combines the ability to gain inspiration from friends and influencers that you follow with direct booking capabilities. The use of AI and personalisation does not look to replace this human touch but simply improve it by matching like minded users to recommended trips and experiences in their community we believe they will be interested in. 


It is a pioneering tourism concept that integrates content, travel, personalisation and lifestyle, improving experiences and education for users, simultaneously increasing sales for accommodation and experience providers around the world. 

Triend’s personalisation will ensure that the content and experiences shown to you will be hyper personalised and relevant to your interests. It will give users and niche travel markets the chance to discover and book experiences they may otherwise never have been able to find.  It will give users the chance to discover and book authentic recommended experiences with the confidence that those recommendations come from genuine like minded people who have done the trips and given their honest and real snapshot of the trip. 

Triend will fill the void of the current traditional consumer model that’s failing to address the needs of consumers as demand for richer, real travelling experiences grows. 

Triend’s vision is to reinvent the traditional travel agency approach by creating a new personalised travel solution created by the people for the people.