Meet the Alpha Femtech-nologists helping to ease the pain of periods

Co-founded by Anna Zsófia Kormos and Dóra Pelczer, Alpha Femtech, with its innovative Artemis bodysuit, merges smart technology and fashion to change the look, feel, and future of women's health, offering holistic menstrual cycle management whilst challenging societal norms to provide both physical and psychological benefits to women.

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“When I started to focus on Smart textiles and technologies, I really had in my mind to offer a holistic approach to women, not just medical,” said Anna. “We wanted [the bodysuit] to integrate seamlessly into the user's life.”

Dóra adds: “It's not just helping physically with the pain, but also psychologically. Our biggest mission is to change how we feel about periods on a social level, because we do believe that this stereotype has an effect on pain levels as well – not all women have the safe, free space to communicate and normalise understanding their bodies and have the option to talk to somebody about it. It shouldn’t be something that they have to deal with in silence. If there is something wrong, there might be it has a reason for it. It might need to be investigated.”

The concept

Anna Zsófia Kormos, with a background in fashion design and an interest in smart textiles, embarked on a journey towards innovation in wearable technology.

"I graduated as a fashion designer and later I started PhD research based on smart technology, wearable technology and so on," Anna explains, shedding light on her transition from traditional fashion design to the tech-driven approach of Artemis.

Dóra, handling business development and marketing, was introduced to the project by Anna, and she found the initial concept of femtech and its potential to revolutionise women's healthcare an intriguing area to explore.

"It was very fascinating and eye-opening for me. It was a huge moment when I realised that there is this new area of tech."

The vision and design

The vision behind Artemis was clear from the outset: to offer a holistic approach to women's health.

As well as addressing the menstrual cycle, it needed to seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of its users whilst promoting body consciousness and metrical awareness.

"We really think about the whole cycle, not just the menstrual phase, to help women understand their cycle," Anna elaborates.

A standout feature of Artemis is its design – it utilises natural yarn known for its excellent heat regulation properties, coupled with heat technology that necessitates close contact with the skin.

"It really adapts to your body, it’s very flexible, and comfortable and soft," says Anna. “And on the other side, we have material which helps to cool down, so it really regulates the whole body temperature.

Competitive tech

In a market teeming with innovation, Artemis stands out with its combination of heat and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) technology, providing a clinically proven solution to alleviate menstrual cramps.

"We use TENS technology, but we also have heat technology – which is a clinically proven solution to alleviate menstrual cramps," Anna asserts.

Their complementary smartphone app enhances user experience by allowing personalisation of pain management techniques and providing educational content.

"The wearer can use the app to track pain and identify any symptomatic patterns, looking for triggers and treatments to help with the pain relief," Dóra explains, showcasing the app's multifaceted functionality.


Alpha Femtech's journey through fundraising has been marked by strategic successes and a keen navigation of the European funding landscape.

"We were quite lucky," Dóra reflects on the initial financial support received from EU funding through Hungarian Hiventures with additional funding the following year.

The company further bolstered its financial standing by securing another investment from the Fashion Technology Accelerator, laying the groundwork for future financial plans. Dóra notes, "Next we are planning for a bigger round from the traction we get after we go to market."

Parallel to traditional fundraising, Alpha Femtech is embracing the power of the crowd through a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign.

"Our goal is to launch the campaign around April and sell the first packages through the campaign,” says Anna. “We will offer starter kits, and sister packages where people can buy one device and two bodysuits and they can share the device." This strategy underscores the company's innovative approach to product launch and customer engagement, setting a precedent for how femtech startups can leverage crowdfunding for market entry and validation.

Challenges and future aspirations

The journey of Alpha Femtech has not been without its challenges.

Synchronising hardware, software, and the bodysuit posed significant hurdles.

Dóra reflects on the challenges: "The product is complex, with hardware and software, and it’s very difficult to synchronise all the elements.”

Also, hailing from Hungary, the founders navigate not only the complexities of innovative product development but also the challenging political and social climate. The stigma and challenges faced by women in Hungary, as noted by Dóra, underscore the mental hurdles in pioneering a femtech solution aimed at global women's health. Yet, this environment also serves as a motivating force for them, driving their commitment to break the mould and support women worldwide with Artemis.

And the duo have ambitious plans for the future: "We have lots of ideas with the application. We really want the data to be used for good and to accelerate women’s research," Dóra notes on plans to use the data collected through the app to further women's health research and explore a broader range of applications for their technology.