Mattr: dating app makes sure you’re ‘in the mood’

A survey has found that most dating app users experience negative emotions whilst swiping, with only a mere 4% expressing genuine happiness. Other alarming statistics, uncovered by inclusive dating app Mattr, found over a quarter of individuals report feeling overwhelmed and 17% experience depression whilst looking for potential matches.

This is not just a generational divide either, with data unveiling that both Gen Z and millennials are feeling the heartbreak even before a match. A crushing 17% of Gen Z felt sadness whilst swiping and 28% were left utterly overwhelmed. As for millennials, the torchbearers of the digital era, they weren't faring any better, with 18% depressed by dating apps and a further 24% feeling inundated by the glut of choice.

Recognising this concerning trend, a new free-to-use dating app Mattr launched in May 2023, a game-changing first-to-market disruptor that puts mental health at the forefront of romantic connections, with accessibility features for neurodivergent individuals.

Behind this revolutionary app stands a visionary founder, Jamie Johnston, who knows the struggle all too well. He said: "I have always been ‘different' but I never knew why until post-pandemic when I was diagnosed with ADHD. I learned all about my condition and now lead a life understanding who I am, but I realised traditional dating apps with their addictive traits and problematic algorithms were not healthy for me.  I knew the apps were 'games' where profiles would get ‘scored.’ This knowledge led me to not present my true self to people I connected with both online and in person. It was exhausting and I knew something had to change. I wanted to create a space where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, without fear of judgement from others or the app itself.”

This lightbulb moment led to the creation of Mattr, a platform that celebrates individuality and fosters self-discovery.

Mattr isn't just an app; it's a beacon of hope for the millions who crave authenticity in a virtual world filled with facades. The app caters to everyone, supporting those who need it most.

"Even those without diagnosed conditions are feeling disillusioned with what's available to them. Frustrated, overwhelmed, and pessimistic is just the start," says Jamie. He’s got the facts to prove it too, with almost half of dating app users saying the products leaves them ‘frustrated’ and 94% of neurodivergent (ND) respondents feeling misunderstood by digital matchmaking.

Mattr has many unique features that redefine dating as an uplifting and empowering experience:

  • Time-out toggle: As the statistics show, the overwhelming nature of apps can be too much for anyone. Mattr lets you take a breather whenever you need it. Just hit the Time out toggle, letting people know you’re having a break without missing out on potential connections.
  • Neurodivergent (ND) features: Mattr is leading the charge as the world's first neurodivergent-friendly dating app. They have created a haven where everyone, regardless of their neurological makeup, can find love on their terms. Features include replying via video for those who struggle with typing, voice-activated text reading and bionic reading in development too.
  • No-swipe behaviour: Bid farewell to the monotonous swiping game. Mattr’s mechanics work slightly differently from other apps by employing personality-led questions to users so you’re presented with a carefully curated selection of only seven potential matches per day. Instead of swiping on these matches, they are presented in a scroll-down list and you don’t just ‘like’ a profile, you have to contact them in order to show your interest. These matches can be saved for later too, expiring after seven days to give you enough time to compose the perfect first message.
  • Mental health check-in: In a bid to monitor the well-being of its users, Mattr has a daily check-in each time you use the app, registered by an expressive emoji. The development team is in the process of tracking these moods so they can safely reach out when people are reporting feeling low over a period of time and offer support. 
  • Honesty Box: Mattr's Honesty Box feature lets users share their thoughts and feelings upfront, whether that’s a home truth about themselves or a red flag they want to avoid in matches. It helps make sure users are building connections based on authenticity and compatibility, rather than potentially discovering these “non-negotiables” further down the line
  • Face verification: To ensure you're connecting with real, genuine people, Mattr uses a Face Verification tool that is mandatory for all users.

Mattr is the ultimate antidote to the toxic norms that have dominated the dating landscape for far too long. With a team as diverse as the human experience itself – spanning gender, race, and mental profiles – Mattr is the first step towards dismantling the status quo.

Mattr is available to download now on the App Store, available to London users currently but with plans to expand into other key regions in the UK soon.