Manchester tech entrepreneur awarded honorary degree

Scott Fletcher MBE, the Manchester-based founder and former chair of ANS Group, has been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Salford Business School.

This recognition celebrates his remarkable contributions to business and his steadfast commitment to community support.

Scott, born and raised in East Manchester, received a Doctor of Business Administration honoris causa. His significant achievements in technology and business, coupled with his dedication to the Greater Manchester community, have made him a notable figure in the region.

Scott's career began in the same city where he received his honorary degree, with his first job at Salford University Business Park. At 22, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, launching ANS Group from his bedroom. This company was later sold to private equity in 2021 for over £200 million. Additionally, Scott serves as Chairman of Godel Technologies, a successful tech firm with a strong presence in Manchester and Poland.

Scott's dedication extends beyond business. He has been a strong advocate for apprenticeships, helping numerous young people start successful careers in technology and addressing the UK’s tech skills gap.

On receiving this recognition, Scott said: “To be awarded an honorary degree in the city I started my career decades ago is incredibly humbling. Salford has come a long way since I first started out here, the city is flourishing and it’s great to have been a part of this journey.”

Scott has also contributed significantly to regional growth through his service on the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership board. His philanthropic efforts include charitable donations and active support for local causes, particularly initiatives aimed at supporting youth.

In 2014, Scott’s commitment to innovation, professional excellence, and community service was recognised by Her Majesty the Queen, who awarded him an MBE for his services to business and the community in the North West.

Dr Francine Morris, Associate Dean for Enterprise and Engagement, Salford Business School, added: “From a very young age, Scott demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by founding ANS Group from his bedroom in his early twenties. This venture, starting from such modest beginnings, grew into a powerhouse in the technology sector and continues to be one of the UK’s greatest successes in the industry.

“Scott’s journey truly is remarkable! Despite his great success, he continues to remain grounded, proven in his unwavering commitment to charity and helping young people, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, go on to have successful careers through apprenticeships.”

Under his leadership, ANS Group became a leading cloud services provider in the UK, boasting over 600 customers across the public and private sectors. In 2021, Scott successfully sold ANS to private equity for over £200 million, a testament to the company's value and his leadership.

Francine concludes: “Scott Fletcher's story is one of resilience, innovation and generosity. His journey from a young entrepreneur in East Manchester to a leading figure in the technology sector, and a dedicated community benefactor, is an inspiration to us all.”