Making sustainability commercial

In 2018, I joined business mix as a COO and like many startups it’s been quite a journey. Since then I’ve been lucky to be part of a great team that’s driven the business to a global scale, accessing innovation from London, Singapore, Israel, India as well as across South East Asia.

It’s been an exciting time and one where we’ve realised, particularly over the last 12 months, that not only is sustainability going mainstream, but also that innovation has a key part to play in driving commercial opportunity from it.

At business mix we’ve been able to combine our expertise in understanding how innovation works and we’ve also been able to recognise what’s needed to help large corporates articulate and understand their business problems and longer-term aspirations. This has allowed us to create a bespoke innovation agenda and plan that quickly drives commercial value.

None of this is possible without collaboration - this is our DNA and it’s absolutely at the heart of what we do and how we do things. We’re lucky to have a global partner and associate network that we’ve been able to tap into. Between us all, we have a vast array of operational experience including years of delivery experience in change, innovation and ecosystem management across large corporates and scaling companies. 

We’re absolutely convinced a process that we’ve now proven across a range of sectors including payments, financial services, sports technology and sustainability can catalyse the collaboration and innovation that companies need to meet the challenges they’re facing around sustainability.

One thing that’s certain is we do need to move the perspectives of sustainability away from an after thought of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or a major threat, to one of commercial opportunity and mainstream action. I’m confident our processes can allow organisations to take that journey far more effectively.

We know we can catalyse the commercial opportunities around sustainability and there are six key areas where we can help you. They are:

  • Understanding the priority and scope for your innovation. 
  • Providing proven processes, organisational structures, skills and experience to enable successful innovation. We’re passionate about implementing these processes and structures for our clients and creating the knowledge transfer that enables the clients to be self-sufficient and be operational in their innovational function. 
  • Open innovation - we have the skills and experience to access and leverage all elements of the innovation ecosystem. This includes access to startups, accelerators, academia, government, venture capital and other corporates, as well as proactive access to events, creating ecosystem partnerships, running accelerators, hackathons and design jams, and executive innovation programmes. 
  • Pipeline management - we can give ongoing support to create and maintain your innovation pipeline and manage the deal-flow through the pipeline. 
  • Storytelling and messaging - one thing we’ve recognised is the importance of explaining your innovation approach, both internally and externally. We can support this with expertise in storytelling, messaging, audience segmentation as well as communications channel development. 
  • Routes to live - we can support you in scaling and commercialising your successful innovations. 

Does this sound good to you? Why not get in touch and we can grab a tea (or a glass of wine) and I can tell you all about our innovation services. You can find me at There’s also more information on the ‘services’ section of our website, including details of our fast start programmes.