London’s Conversational AI Summit set to spotlight ethics and security

As the Conversational AI Summit comes to London on 16-17th May, it promises to bring together leading conversational AI innovators to discuss the latest technological advancements, deployments, challenges, and best practices across regulated enterprise sectors.

Tovie AI is a sponsor of the event, which will feature panel sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Speakers will cover key themes such as natural language processing, text-based and chat voice assistants together with the important ethical considerations when implementing conversational AI solutions.

When streamlining enterprise operations through the use of AI, there are particular nuances relating to different organisations that should be considered, such as their stage of digitisation or ‘sector-based regulations’. This is evident across healthcare, education, manufacturing as well as legal or financial services sectors. Both startups and established organisations will be well served at this event that demonstrates what this cutting-edge tech is capable of, whilst also considering security and ethics in these regulated environments.

Large Language Models (LLMs) bridge enterprise data-gaps

Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have created a buzz as the springboards to a multitude of AI innovations and use cases over the last few months. But how can these language models effectively chat with the ‘different’ large organisational data sources? How do they process data across different digitised formats that could be anything from a PowerPoint to a Word document to an Excel file?

This is where Tovie AI’s Generative AI and On-Prem solutions for enterprises come in. It bridges this gap and enables different deployment models for a variety of tasks, whilst also creating full control over how AI-Language models handle proprietary data and ensure compliance with PII, GDPR, and other policies.

LLMs recognise, summarise, translate, predict, and generate text and other content. Tovie-powered LLMs are unique as they have the ‘restrictive context output ’feature that guarantees LLM's predictable behaviour together with enterprise-level security. Businesses are increasingly demanding these models due to their revolutionary impact on data querying. LLMs simplify and expedite data querying, enabling quick access to data for employees and clients, leading to better decision-making. In situations where compliance is core, it’s imperative to ensure that there is no reputational risk.

Visitors to the Conversational AI Summit are invited to join the Tovie AI session ‘Restrictive Context Querying with GPT Models’ on Wednesday 17th May at 11.30am. This session will primarily showcase what Tovie AI is doing with respect to its customer base by helping them utilise these language models in an enterprise setting. It will also highlight the security and compliance concerns in enterprise AI implementations and not throwing data out into third-party APIs, and how we deal with that.

Startup Details

Startup Details


Tovie AI

Tovie AI helps businesses grow with marketable AI conversational solutions and flexible tools for NLP, speech synthesis, and dialogue management. 

We set ourselves a goal to make an interaction with a robot, virtual assistant, or a simple bot as natural as possible. Our comprehensive tool ecosystem, end-to-end solutions, accurate NLPengine, and customised analytical reports enable our users to test the market and get the most out of their investment.

Tovie AI is a leading provider of conversational AI solutions based in London, UK. The Tovie team is committed to delivering seamless and intuitive voice experiences to its >100 enterprise clients and >30 m end-users worldwide while staying at the forefront of cutting-edge AI technology.

Our mission is to empower enterprises to serve their customers more efficiently by digitising customer interactions. We provide conversational end-to-end solutions and share our best practices and experiences with the global community through the Tovie AI’s tools and solutions for NLP, speech synthesis, and dialogue management.

Tovie has proudly shared the success stories with these clients: Philip Morris, BNP Paribas Cardiff, Henkel,  Papa Johns, Dodo Pizza, Royal Institute of Navigation.

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