London startup launches space changing foldaway toilet frame

London startup Hidealoo aims to make the installation of toilets in small and hard to fit spaces even easier, thanks to its discreet foldable frame.

The company’s patented frame is designed to support homeowners to maximise the use of the space they have, including within utility rooms, wet rooms and even wardrobes. It is manufactured in Britain and works with any standard wall hung ceramic pan and cistern.

Inventor, Monty Ravenscroft, first came up with the idea when building a 3-bedroom home on a tiny plot in southeast London. With very little space to play with, Monty needed to get creative with a range of space-saving inventions. His ‘Peckham House’ project featuring on Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme, with presenter Kevin McCloud describing it as ‘genius’.

Monty then went on to appear as co-host of Channel 4’s ‘Inside Out Homes’ in which he focused on creating a new invention to solve a problem faced by a homeowner in each episode.

He was inspired with the idea for the frame when designing solutions for the home that would maximise the space available by making it more flexible in use. He also wanted to create something for his invalid father, who needed the convenience of bathroom facilities in his bedroom but in a discreet way that preserved his dignity.


With a background in engineering, for the last 25 years, Monty has pioneered moving elements in architecture. Spotting the broader potential for his fold-away toilet frame, he went on to work closely with award-winning international designer, Sebastian Conran, to perfect its design.

Monty explains: “While the idea for Hidealoo was driven by my father’s ill health and the need to get clever with small living spaces, there are many other potential applications and problems it can solve.

“For example, we’re hearing from a lot of homeowners at the moment who are under pressure with the rising cost of living. Those who can’t afford to move but who need more facilities for their growing family, or who are needing to rent out rooms to cover spiralling mortgage costs. We can help them make the optimal use of the space they have – and fast!”

The Hidealoo frame can be used with any standard UK wall hung toilet and allows it to be moved through 90 degrees, meaning it can be hidden inside a cabinet, cupboard, or wall space when not in use.

As well as creating more flexible floor space the frame provides an opportunity for additional toilets to be installed where adding a new bathroom may not otherwise be possible. For example, by allowing a toilet to be fitted within a utility room cupboard, bedroom wardrobe, or in a cabinet underneath loft eaves.

The Hidealoo frame is manufactured in Britain and simple to install for any plumber or competent DIY’er. It can hold up to 400kg in weight and has been tested through 250k uses - the equivalent of being used more than 10 times a day for 65 years.