Lightyear launches advanced web app for businesses in neobroker sector

Lightyear announced the full launch of its web application, incorporating new stock screeners for businesses, a feature that had been eagerly anticipated on the platform.

The screeners, offering a comprehensive directory of instruments complete with metrics and data, are now fully accessible to the public.

This development enables businesses to utilise a fully operational web app, from registration through to investing and portfolio management, eliminating the need for new customers to download the mobile app to commence their investment journey. The web application mirrors the mobile version in its key functionalities, including cash deposit options and the introduction of new order types such as limit and stop orders. A significant proportion of Lightyear’s clientele (57%) have expressed a preference for accessing their accounts and data on larger screens, a factor influencing their choice of broker.

In August 2023, Lightyear introduced new business accounts aimed at assisting freelancers with investing company funds and earning interest. The web application, initially launched in beta in April 2023, enabled customers to view and purchase stocks. Since its inception, Lightyear has continuously enhanced the web platform, integrating features highly sought after by users. This was in response to feedback gathered from a survey of 500 customers, including watchlists, investment analysis tools such as analyst ratings, financials, earnings data, and news, as well as the ability to download statements for a comprehensive transaction overview.

The launch of stock screeners coincides with the full deployment of the web platform, providing a detailed directory of stocks and funds equipped with relevant metrics and data. This enables all businesses, regardless of their customer status with Lightyear, to make well-informed investment decisions. The screeners categorise stocks and funds, allowing businesses to sift through Lightyear’s entire range of instruments based on specific criteria such as country, sector, P/E ratio, share price, daily performance, and more. Furthermore, businesses have the opportunity to delve deeper into selected stocks or funds, review analyst ratings, and utilise the available tools for instrument analysis.

The instrument directory is also made fully available to the public, offering non-Lightyear business clients the chance to explore Lightyear’s range of instruments in its entirety, using the same analytical tools provided to platform users. These initiatives advance Lightyear’s mission to democratise investing across Europe while promoting education and financial literacy.

Although this is the newest version of Lightyears’ web application, Jani Kiilunen, Product Lead at Lightyear, emphasises it is just the foundation of future iterations of the web platform: “Lightyear on Web has quickly become one of the most advanced and intuitive web platforms for investing – while other neobrokers have kept their customers waiting for years or keep very simple versions of their web apps behind paywalls. Many of our business customers  prefer investing on the big screen, which is why this has been a high priority project for us. We want to create tools that allow users to make better investment decisions – whether they’re  a Lightyear customer or not. We’re only just scratching the surface of what we’re planning for Lightyears’ web application.