Liberis secures $112 million from HSBC Innovation Banking and BCI Capital

Liberis, a player in embedded business finance solutions, recently announced that it has secured $112 million in debt financing, a move aimed at enhancing its growth in North America and Europe and venturing into new markets such as Canada and Germany. This funding, a joint venture between HSBC Innovation Banking and BCI Capital, signifies a major step in the company's expansion efforts.

This financial injection is pivotal for Liberis in 2023, allowing it to expand its global footprint and continue its mission of bridging the small business funding gap worldwide. The funding comes at a crucial time, considering the challenges small businesses face, including high inflation, staffing issues, reduced consumer spending, and a slowdown in economic growth as forecasted by the International Monetary Fund.

Rob Straathof, CEO of Liberis, remarked on the new funding: “With the support of HSBC Innovation Banking and BCI Capital, Liberis can now offer fair and frictionless funding to thousands more businesses through our partners. This enables our expansion into new markets such as Canada, Poland, and Germany. We are excited to be backed by our capital partners as we continue providing innovative and flexible funding solutions.”

Guillaume Adjogah from HSBC Innovation Banking UK said: “We are excited to aid Liberis in expanding into new regions. Our expertise and network position us ideally to support innovators like Liberis in their growth journey.”

Sam Kemp, CEO of BCI Capital, added: "Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to the global economy, and Liberis plays a vital role in offering them essential growth funding. We are proud to evolve our support for Liberis as it expands its global impact.”

The funds will enable Liberis to serve new and existing partners in these territories, offering SMEs tailored finance options that align with their growth plans.

Liberis utilises AI and machine learning to drive its embedded finance platform, offering personalised finance solutions to small businesses. It has partnered with various global entities to fund over $1.5 billion across 60,000 transactions.

With total funding surpassing $700 million, including support from capital providers and investors like Barclays, Blenheim Chalcot, and FTV Capital, Liberis is poised to continue empowering SMEs amidst challenging economic conditions.

Small businesses globally face a critical challenge: limited access to responsible finance. Despite their significant role in global economies, a funding gap of about $5.2 trillion per year exists for small businesses, according to the World Trade Organisation.

Nima Montazeri, CPO at Liberis, commented: “Small businesses often struggle to secure finance due to rigid lending criteria by traditional banks. Liberis, leveraging AI and ML technologies, offers SMEs customised products for sustainable growth, addressing their unique global needs.”