Let's talk about money

When it comes to the topic of 'Money' people feel a ton of emotions. Some feel sadness, anxiety, depression. Others get excited and see it as an opportunity to make the world a better place, to travel and to take care of their loved ones.

As someone who’s been in the Banking Industry for over 12 years and hearing people’s hopes, dreams, ambitions all relating to 'money', I’ve had a profound understanding of how people view money and how important it really is for everyone, literally.

Whether people like to admit it or not (perhaps due to factors such as cultural upbringing, religious views, or societal norms) money is in fact, directly correlated to one’s happiness. Yet, it’s the one thing that is so elusive and shrouded with misconceptions.

Due to the ever-changing economy we’re now experiencing, cost of living is going up faster than traditional wages all over the world. It’s now more important than ever to understand Money (or the official term – financial literacy).

The concepts I learned as a Banker/Financial Planner opened my eyes to the 'wool' that is placed over people’s eyes.

Traditional advice for the longest time has always been the following: Go to school, get a job, pay your taxes, and purchase one property which you’ll spend your whole life paying off. At the end of it all, by the time you’re 71 you’ll be all set.

I realised in turn, this system is designed to benefit two entities only – Governments and Banks. Unfortunately, employees pay the most taxes, bank investments have some of the highest fees in the world and the concept of having to work your entire life, just to be able to have a bunch of money at the end made me question everything!

Ironically, that’s what set me on this journey to becoming an entrepreneur and leave the banks altogether. I realised the concepts I learned, the whole money system in which the world revolves around, needs to be taught to the masses.

Since then, we’ve helped 100s of people get a deep understanding of what money really is, how it works, and how to use 'The Banks Money to Make Money.'

The reality is each and every individual can the life of their dreams, can own their own business, can be financially well off, can travel the world, if they learn the right financial concepts.

Topics such as: tax deductions, write offs, compound interest, passive income, portfolio income, rental income, dividend income are the catalysts to build real, sustainable, lasting wealth.

Using financial systems, taking advantage of credit tools, banking tactics, partnering with real estate investors, these are all concepts that literally anyone can do, with the right mindset and the right motivation.

I believe in the coming years, we’re going to experience some very tough times. These years will be a defining moment for our current and future generations. The time is now to take matters into your own hands, and take control of your own money.

As an ex-banker I implore each and everyone to live by the following statement: “You can either USE the system, or be used BY the system”.

If we stick to traditional advice of working a job with one single income, trading time for money, then unfortunately it will only take us so far. We’ve got to think outside the box, if we are to prosper and get ahead of the curve.

At the end of the day, no one will ever be more passionate, more invested, or more deeply connected to your own money, than you.