Langdock Raises $3M to Boost Workplace Productivity with LLMs

Langdock, the platform empowering companies to leverage large language models (LLMs) while staying in control of their data, has raised a $3 million seed round led by General Catalyst alongside La Famiglia.

The round also includes participation from Y Combinator and well-known German founders, including Rolf Schrömgens (Trivago), Hanno Renner (Personio), Johannes Reck (GetYourGuide), and Erik Muttersbach (Forto), along with over 25 other angel investors.

Harnessing LLMs for a Competitive Edge

Langdock's mission is to provide European companies with the tools to safely and securely integrate cutting-edge LLM technology into their workflows. Its model-agnostic platform allows companies to delegate more tasks to LLMs while preserving safety and compliance. Using Langdock, teams can collaborate on dialogues and prompts and create prompt libraries; use more than one LLM, depending on their preference; add their documents and entire company knowledge through integrations to other software tools to the workspace with seamless retrieval augmented generation; benefit from a GPT-like assistant; automate mail drafting and text summarisation.

More than 40 companies are working with Langdock, including German science and tech company Merck and rapidly growing tech companies like GetYourGuide, HeyJobs, and Forto. The platform offers enterprise-grade security, cloud and on-premises solutions, and an intuitive chat interface – allowing colleagues to access LLMs easily across departments. Langdock’s approach to working with fast-moving tech companies helps enterprises easily adopt industry best practices using Langdock’s platform. The rollout at Merck only took three months from agreement to company-wide rollout.

The Future of Work, Powered by AI

The emergence of generative AI, including ChatGPT, in the last 18 months has underlined the opportunity for businesses to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their teams by including generative AI in workflows. The technology can also help European businesses bridge labor gaps caused by a projected workforce shortage in the coming years.

Lennard Schmidt, co-founder and CEO of Langdock, said: “There is an urgent need for European businesses to embrace LLMs because they are seeing a sharp fall in the working-age population. In Germany alone, we are seeing the projected loss of seven million workforce participants. This staggering figure brings into stark focus the critical need for smarter, more efficient processes within companies and the need to enable employees to increase their productivity.”

“Companies are particularly cautious around handling sensitive data, but by working with Langdock, we can ensure businesses are in control of their data and allow them to augment their teams’ knowledge and capacity safely.”

Merck is one of Germany’s leading businesses and has been an early user of generative AI across their value chain and to support employees. Earlier this year, they worked with Langdock to introduce myGPT Suite, which it has rolled out to its around 63,000 employees.

Walid Mehanna, Chief Data & AI Officer at Merck, said: “We are early adopters of GenAI and see a paradigm shift in how technology can enable our employees to become more effective and efficient in their daily work life. Our collaboration with Langdock is instrumental in creating an AI-enhanced environment at Merck that respects data security and compliance while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.”

Mathieu Bastian, Director of Data Products, ML/AI at GetYourGuide, said: “We needed a powerful and secure AI platform to accelerate the adoption of GenAI solutions to our employees. Langdock already has an impressive product offering to do that, but even more importantly, we see ourselves partnering with their great team to push it forward in the months and years to come.”