Klarytee raises £700k pre-Seed round to make data secure by default

Klarytee, a software platform dedicated to embedding security within data for large organisations handling sensitive information, has successfully completed a £700,000 pre-Seed funding round.

This round was supported by the early-stage VC fund Concept Ventures and several high-profile angel investors, including Micheal Coates, former Twitter CISO; Evelyn Bourke, former Group CEO of Bupa; founders of Digital Shadows, a cybersecurity firm; Brad Cable, ex-Managing Director of Accenture; and Desigan Chinniah, a Board Member of The Tor Project.

Dr Nithin Thomas, a serial entrepreneur with an 11-year background in security, founded Klarytee. The platform offers businesses encryption and access control integrated directly into their most sensitive data. This ensures security regardless of the data's location and allows organisations to maintain complete oversight of access permissions. Thomas was motivated to establish Klarytee by his belief that productivity is impeded by security strategies that focus on restricting data within an organisation's boundaries to reduce risk, rather than implementing controls directly on the data.

Klarytee introduces a novel approach to security, encrypting data fragments at their source in real time. This method safeguards data content beyond the enterprise's boundary, across various workflows including documents, SaaS applications, and even messaging and social media apps. Klarytee's integrated Local Large Language Model (LLM) detects sensitive information, applying protection by default to prevent unauthorized access, including on cloud AI platforms like ChatGPT.

As a Microsoft Partner, Klarytee has developed a Microsoft Word add-in for seamless integration into document workflows, facilitating easy encryption, decryption, and authentication. This system ensures that decrypted data only exists in the memory of the authenticated user's device or application and is permanently erased upon the closure of the app or device.

Klarytee is already being employed by organisations requiring secure sharing of sensitive information, such as investment banking deal teams, and in the use of SaaS and public cloud services like generative AI.

Dr Nithin Thomas stated: “Data has become the most valuable asset a company owns, but evolving workplace habits that require greater collaboration and sharing of data are putting enormous pressures on enterprise security. Imagine being able to receive your banking password via WhatsApp or X without having to worry about compliance or security issues. Klarytee is transforming enterprise security architecture by helping teams to be more productive across the platforms that they use every day while embracing the latest technologies from AI to cloud.”

Michael Coates commented: “Klarytee is an essential tool in a CISO’s armory as organizations move to a more data-centric security model that focuses on protecting their data over infrastructure beyond the enterprise boundaries. Klarytee’s vision to simplify and consolidate the enterprise security stack by focusing on data instead of infrastructure is incredibly powerful.”

Reece Chowdhry of Concept Ventures remarked: “The Klarytee platform has the potential to transform the way enterprises secure their data as they continue to embrace cloud, SaaS, and generative AI in the workplace. We’re really excited to be part of Klarytee’s journey to enable organisations to embrace new technologies quickly without compromising security.”