KegTracker aims to raise £100k investment on CrowdCube

KegTracker is an IoT device that instantly turns kegs into smart containers. It tracks real time location, volume, temperature and motion for each keg, to create reports and insights that enable a sustainable supply chain. Since 2018, R&D has been completed, as well as a working prototype, pending patent and multiple LOIs.

The Smart Container Company, founded in 2018, set itself a clear mission to tackle the enormous amount of waste generated in the beer industry. Since then, the startup has identified a multitude of inefficiencies and a means for technology to optimise the entire manufacturing and distribution process, while also driving up value and sustainability.

Investment in KegTracker will bring this mission to life, accelerate their ability to deliver goals and reshape the industry’s future.

There are only five days left to participate and purchase shares in KegTracker.

Reducing beer wastage by just one percent will save 1.4bn litres of water annually. It's not hard to see how even the smallest technological changes to a large-scale industry have significant effects.

That's why adding precision, speed and transparency to a £10bn global industry equates to substantial savings of time, resources, fuel, water, and cash, to name a few. The numbers speak for themselves.

Take action on this investment opportunity today, while the campaign is still live. Click here to view the startup's CrowdCube page.

Startup Details

Startup Details


The Smart Container Company

The Smart Container Company is the team behind KegTracker, a first-to-market Internet of Things device that instantly turns beer kegs and casks into SMART containers. The company collects real time container information to enable a more sustainable supply chain and circular economy where less waste (beer, water, gas, carbon footprint) is generated.

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    London, UK
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  • Founders
    Tamara Goldstein, Eduardo Garcia
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