Kameo builds stronger foundations with Incore Invest backing

Kameo, an investment platform enabling direct investments in loans for property projects across Scandinavia, announced a significant investment of £1.1 million from Incore Invest as part of a larger share issuance totalling £2.26 million.

The platform, which has attracted over 65,000 investors, offers an accessible marketplace for loans to property developers, with investment thresholds ranging from a modest £38 to substantial amounts up to NOK 700 million through an institutional partnership established last year. This strategic investment by Incore Invest marks a pivotal step in Kameo's efforts to further enhance its dynamic alternative lending platform and establish itself as a premier investment platform for property development in Scandinavia.

The investment from Incore Invest underscores a profound confidence in Kameo's innovative lending model. Prior to this investment, key members of the Incore Invest team had engaged with the platform for several years, witnessing the transformative impact of its loan marketplace solution. Supported fully by Incore Invest, Kameo is poised to build upon its remarkable success and extend its robust services to a broader audience, with a goal to democratise investment in secured real estate loans.

The £1.1 million investment from Incore Invest represents a substantial portion of the £2.26 million share issuance, which also sees continued support from principal shareholders, including ABG Sundal Collier. This funding is intended to spur Kameo's immediate growth and expansion efforts. Over the next two years, Kameo aims to double the value of loans facilitated in 2024 and 2025, a target that mirrors the strategic alignment and planning between Kameo and its new strategic investors. To guide this growth, Nicolai Chamizo, CEO and Founder of Incore Invest, will assume an advisory role on Kameo's board.

Sebastian Martens Harung, CEO and Co-Founder of Kameo, commented: “Incore Invest is an ideal match for Kameo. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with the company to further accelerate Kameo's growth, bolstered by its expert leadership team and demonstrated track record of successfully scaling up prominent fintechs. The inclusion of Nicolai Chamizo on our board will be a vital asset as we approach this important phase of our development and gives us even greater support to continue navigating a sector in flux.”

Known for its strategic investments in businesses with high growth potential, Incore Invest’s investment track record denotes a keen interest in companies that are not just market leaders but also market innovators. With a growing portfolio, which includes the likes of Brite Payments, Savr and Mynt, the Swedish business is beginning to stand out for its proven capacity to back breakout Scadinavian startups on the cusp of success. With Kameo, the company is aiming to add to this list.

Speaking on the deal, Nicolai Chamizo, CEO and Founder at Incore Invest, said: “Kameo is a game-changing company in the property investment sector and looks primed for a breakout year in 2024. With Incore Invest’s support, we’re making it easier for developers to get the funding they need, whilst also making it possible for private investors to invest in high quality loans through an easy-to-use, modern platform. We’re fully committed to leveraging our deep expertise and powerful network to enhance the company’s market presence and operational excellence along its exciting growth journey.”