Jedsy unveils new drone for lab sample deliveries

Jedsy has announced the launch of its latest drone model, the Jedsy X, designed to revolutionise the delivery of laboratory samples. This innovative drone promises to transform urban and rural logistics and significantly improve operational efficiency under challenging conditions.

The Jedsy X will be officially introduced today in Hamburg at Asklepios and at the "World Lab" event in Dubai. With agreements already signed for 190 routes across Europe, Jedsy first route in Germany is in collaboration with Asklepios.

Technological innovations and advanced features

In the past, Jedsy’s operations were limited to rural and sparsely populated areas due to regulatory restrictions. The introduction of the Jedsy X allows for expansion into populated and urban areas, opening new opportunities for faster, more efficient delivery services and significantly improving accessibility and convenience for customers.

The Jedsy X is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and redundancies, enabling it to operate in areas previously deemed inaccessible. This advancement represents a significant leap forward in drone technology, enhancing safety and reliability in urban and densely populated environments.

A standout feature of the Jedsy X is its revolutionary digital parachute system. This technology offers substantial advantages over traditional parachutes, ensuring the drone can operate safely in a wider variety of conditions.

Expanded capabilities and environmental benefits

Beside the new Parachute Technology, the Jedsy X brings up several more enhanced capabilities, making it a game-changer in the industry:

  • Increased Range: The drone now performs with an extended flight range of up to 120 kilometers, significantly enhancing its delivery capabilities.
  • Urban Deployment: Authorized to fly over populated areas, making it ideal for urban applications.
  • Improved Customer Journey: Optimized design for easier loading, streamlining the package handling process based on customer feedback.
  • Adverse Weather Operations: Efficient performance in poor weather conditions, including nighttime operations, winter conditions with a battery-powered heating system, and winds of up to 50 km/h, ensuring reliability throughout the year.
  • Environmental Impact: A significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to traditional delivery by car, contributing to a more sustainable delivery solution.
  • Sample Quality: In collaboration with Dr Risch (see publication links below), Jedsy has demonstrated that the quality of laboratory samples transported by drone matches that of those transported by car, ensuring reliable and safe delivery of critical items.