ivault: the web3 lifestyle app rewarding sustainability

In a world grappling with overconsumption and cost-of-living pressures, ivault is pioneering a solution that puts a planet-friendly lifestyle in the palm of your hand. The blockchain-based app is set to redefine the sharing economy, making it easier and more rewarding to share what we already have rather than buying new.

Leveraging a patented blockchain-based technology, ivault enables users to register and verify items, enabling anyone with a smartphone to rent, lend, or sell their belongings securely and without compromising their privacy. The app's potential is vast, as anyone can save money, make money, cut waste, and earn rewards for their sustainable behaviour.

The brand has already proven its impact in the B2B sector, with $2.7 million worth of assets protected by track and trace solutions and over 100,000 digitalised products across various industries. On top of that, the first version of the ivault app for private consumers, launched in October 2021, has gained significant traction with more than 35.000 app users and minimal marketing spend, demonstrating the potential for mass adoption far beyond the crypto space.

Now, the ivault app 2.0 is set to revolutionise the global sharing economy, which is projected to reach $335 billion in the US alone by 2025. By offering a more convenient and rewarding alternative to traditional retail, ivault is perfectly positioned to tap into this market. Compared to other sharing platforms with up to 30% in commission fees, ivault users can earn even more in reward points and tokens with every transaction and an entertaining learn and earn programme within the app.

However, ivault is not just an app; it's both a social sharing app for local communities and a movement towards sustainable living. ivault empowers users to take control of their carbon destiny and their data, earn extra income and connect with like-minded individuals to share experiences, on top of goods and services.

At its very core, ivault addresses the increasing demand for a more affordable sustainable lifestyle, particularly among younger generations. While 65% of consumers aspire to support sustainable brands, only 26% do so due to cost constraints (Source: HBR). ivault bridges this gap by making environmentally-conscious choices more affordable, accessible, and ingrained in anybody’s everyday life - through social sharing.

Finally, the Web3 spirit sets ivault apart from most of the well-known social platforms as well. The ivault team is committed to maximum privacy and security, ensuring data protection and user trust. With ivault, data is never treated as a commodity to be bought and sold.

In short, ivault is not just for the crypto community, but for everyone. It is the first app to bring the benefits of using blockchain technology for sustainability to a mass audience, making sustainable living easier, more rewarding, and accessible to all. Anyone can invest in a brighter future by simply participating in the creation of decentralized marketplaces for their local communities, helping to shift the narrative of the current economic system in favour of the people and the planet.