IOT Solutions World Congress 2023: Olythe will present its connected non-invasive breathalyser

Olythe, an expert in human breath analysis by infrared spectroscopy, will be present at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

At the IOT Solutions World Congress, Olythe, a company specialised in gas measurement, will present its connected and ultra-precise solutions to measure volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the exhaled air by infrared spectrometry. This patented technology offers reliable, precise, and fast measurements.

The only exhibition dedicated to industrial IoT solutions in real-world applications

The IoT Solutions World Congress is one of the leading global events in the field of digital transformation of the industry. Major global industrial players meet at this reference show to discover new products in different fields: industry 4.0, transportation, energy, construction, health, etc.

OCIEngine, the new generation sensor dedicated to the human breath analysis

OCIEngine is the only patented sensor that measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in human breath. It is equipped with miniaturised infrared spectroscopy technology capable of measuring the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air but also that of other gases such as acetone and carbon dioxide (CO2). For health professionals, OCIEngine is an effective and reliable tool to detect intoxication and diseases. A unique and versatile technology that can now be directly integrated by manufacturers.

"We are delighted to participate in the Barcelona IOT show and to present our innovative solutions to an international audience", said Guillaume Nesa, CEO and founder of Olythe. "We believe that this technology can make a real difference in intervening in various contexts to ensure everyone's health and safety. We look forward to meet other companies and IoT professionals and to discuss how our product can fit into their ecosystems."

OCIGO, the 1st connected breathalyser, durable and reusable for life

Developed and manufactured in France, OCIGO is a connected and patented breathalyser compliant with the European metrological standard NF EN 16280. OCIGO is developed based on the technology of the detection by infrared spectroscopy, recognised as the most reliable and precise. Thus, the technology which have until now been reserved for law enforcement becomes available for everyone, making it easier to make the right decisions and take responsibility for driving.

OCIGO App, safety, and awareness at your fingertips

OCIGO has a free app available on the App Store and the Play Store which connects with the phone through Bluetooth and allows users to monitor their alcohol level in real time. The app also provides personalised feedback and advice on how long it will take for the user to get their breath alcohol concentration back to a safe level. For maximum peace of mind and journeys throughout Europe, OCIGO automatically adapts to the legislation of different countries depending on the location of the user.

With its OCICorp supervision platform, Olythe takes a step forward in the safety of industry professionals in the field. Connected to OCIGO breathalysers via the mobile application, the OCICorp platform allows each manager to know precisely if an employee is under the influence of alcohol and indicates the waiting time necessary before returning to work safely. Each manager obtains measurements in real time and accesses follow-up reports. The data collected is geolocated and complies with the GDPR.

Startup Details

Startup Details



OLYTHE is developing OCIGO, a new generation of connected alcohol breathalyser with a miniaturised infrared spectroscopy technology.

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